Preferred Name

Augsburg College recognizes that some of its members use names other than their legal names to identify themselves. As long as the use of this different name is not for the purpose of misrepresentation, the College allows students to use a first name different than the legal name on certain college records.

Click Here to request to have a preferred first name instead of a legal first name reflected within specific college records.

Please note that changing your preferred name for certain records does not change your legal name with Augsburg College. Below is a listing of all of the areas in which your preferred name will appear (once changed) and areas in which your legal name will still appear:

Preferred name will appear: Legal name will appear:
·                AugNet email

·               AugNet online directory

·               Class rosters

·               Major/Minor Lists

·               Commencement programs

·               Diploma

·               Dean’s list

·               Faculty Advisee lists

·               Honors Program lists

·               Moodle

·               Student ID card (Provided you obtain a new one from the Enrollment Center)

·               Food service

·               Residence Life rosters

·               Alumni office records*

·               Athletic team lists

·               Financial aid records

·               Library records

·               Official correspondence from the College

·               Official and unofficial transcripts

·               Parking

·               Paychecks and paystubs

·               Time entry system (Kronos)

*These records will include preferred name field, but the legal name will also be visible.

Students who have had their name legally changed should complete a name/address change form. Your new legal name will appear on ALL college documentation listed above.