Major Student Events Policy

A major student event includes, but is not limited to, an event open to the public, an event which requires a ticket or entry fee, an event which has one or more meal functions, a dance, an event with an estimated attendance of 50 or more, or a combination of these factors. The form is required in order to reserve space on campus; it also applies to off-campus events that require Department of Public Safety assistance.

Student clubs and organizations are required to fill out a Major Student Event Planning and Registration Form when planning a Major Student Event. This form is available from the Event & Conference Planning department.  Any questions about whether an event will require a form should be directed to 612-330-1104.

The purpose of the form is to help event organizers plan and prepare for a successful event, as well as to give offices and departments on campus sufficient notice for planning and staffing.

When the event does require the form, this checklist must be completed and approved by the Vice President of Student Affairs at least 10 business days prior to the event. Students/organizations are reminded to plan in advance because, in addition to review by the Vice President of Student Affairs, the form requires review and signatures by the Director of Public Safety, Event & Conference Planning, Purchasing, and a faculty or staff member who will be present at the event.

While 10 business days’ notice is the minimum required to hold an event, the College cannot guarantee that all requested services will be available with only 10 days’ notice. Students are strongly encouraged to give four to six weeks’ notice for large and complex events.

The College reserves the right to deny any event for any reason.