Major Student Events Policy

Augsburg College supports and encourages student organizations to plan meetings, events, and programs that further their missions and visibility on campus. Many programs and meetings are small and require little to no support from the College. However, some events and programs do require assistance from professional staff. Below are expectations and policies student organizations are expected to follow when planning major events:

What is a “major event?”
An event or program is considered a “major event” if any of the following things are true:
1. Your event will host a dance.
2. Your event is open to the public, meaning people who are not Augsburg College students, staff, or faculty members are invited.
3. Your event will have one or more meal functions.
4. Your event has a ticket or entry fee. You cannot charge Augsburg students an admission fee if you are using Student Activity Fee money to pay for any part of your event.
5. Your event will utilize audio/visual services requiring a tech staff person to be present for the event (e.g., open mic nights, concerts, etc.).
6. Your event will have an estimated attendance of 50+ people.

What do I need to do if my student organization is putting on a major event?
You need to fill out a Student Organization Major Event Planning Form, which can be found on the Campus Activities and Orientation Event Planning & Contracts webpage. This form will ask you a number of questions about your program and what your needs are. This form must be completed absolutely no later than 10 business days before your event. This is to ensure that the College has adequate resources (events staff, catering, security, etc.) to support your program. After you have completed the form, it will be reviewed by several professionals at the College, and you will be notified whether your form has been approved or whether more information is needed.

Do I need to have a staff or faculty member present?
Student organizations must have a staff or faculty present at any major event they orchestrate. This is typically your student organization’s advisor, but if they are not available to attend, then you must find another employee at the College who is willing to be there.

What if I am working with a musician, performer, speaker, etc. and they need a contract signed?
All contracts can be sent to Kristin Hansen electronically or as a hard copy in Memorial 125A. The contract will be reviewed and signed by Augsburg’s Chief Financial Officer, and your student organization will be notified when it is ready to pick up. Please know that the College may need additional information from you and/or the individual(s) with whom you are contracting, and the College may also require that the contract’s language change. If this is the case, your student organization will be notified.

Can someone in my student organization or my advisor sign a contract?
No, even if the contract is not monetary. Never, ever sign a contract on behalf of Augsburg College. Because only a select few individuals are authorized to sign on behalf of the College, you (or your advisor) will be personally liable for anything you sign, including monetary obligations. If something needs to be signed, send it to Kristin Hansen electronically or as a hard copy in Memorial 125A.