Financial Aid Policy

General Information
An index of you and your family’s financial strength is based on the information submitted on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and in accordance with financial aid program regulations. Financial eligibility is the basic consideration in determining your award. Sources of financial aid include federal, state and college financial aid programs for scholarships, grants, campus employment, and loans. Financial aid awards are made in accordance with federal, state and college policies and on a rolling basis. Your Financial Aid Award lists specific conditions upon which your award was made (e.g., full-time enrollment, live on-campus, etc.). Any changes in these conditions will necessitate a review for possible adjustment of your award package. Eligibility for most assistance is based on a specific number of credits, defined by each type of aid.

Application Deadline
The priority deadline for current students is May 1. All applications received after the deadline will be processed using available funds. Late FAFSA filing may result in a loss of financial aid.

Renewal of Aid
To be considered for aid in subsequent years, students must apply annually by the announced deadline. Students who have received aid will continue to receive aid as long as they apply by published deadlines, make satisfactory academic progress (as defined by Financial Aid Policy), maintain full-time enrollment, and continue to demonstrate financial eligibility.

Distribution of Aid
Before any college-controlled financial aid is applied to the student’s account, the student must submit a complete financial aid application, and be enrolled in classes at the census date of each term. The total annual amount of any financial aid indicated on the award letter will be disbursed in equal portions at the beginning of each term. Other education loans, scholarships, or grants will be applied to your account when they arrive and/or according to donor instructions. No financial aid is disbursed unless the appropriate forms are completed and returned to the appropriate source.

Outside Scholarships
If you are a recipient of an outside scholarship not included on your award notice, you are required to inform the Office of Student Financial Services of the source and amount. A change in your award package may be necessary.

On-Campus Employment
Students may apply for on-campus employment through the Human Resources website. However, placement cannot be guaranteed. Full details concerning payment of wages and other work policies are included in an on-campus employment contract, which you must sign. On-campus employment pay is not directly deducted from tuition charges on your account. Student employees receive bi-weekly paychecks based on hours worked.

Tuition Refund Schedule
Students are eligible for a 100% tuition refund for any courses they drop without notation through the date labeled “Last day to drop without a ‘W’ grade & 100% refund – Full Semester class” on the Academic Calendar. After this date, students can no longer receive a refund of tuition unless they withdraw from all of their courses. This policy is effective whether or not a student has attended classes. Students withdrawing from all of a term’s courses may receive a 50% tuition refund when they withdraw by the date labeled “Last day to withdraw with 50% refund – Full Semester class” on the Academic Calendar. If a student has extenuating circumstances and needs to petition a refund decision, an Academic/Financial Petition is available.

Credit Load and Financial Aid
All federal, state grants and loans, as well as institutional grants and scholarships, are awarded based upon the total number of registered credits on the “Last day to add with faculty signature – Full Semester class” on the Academic  Calendar. Students must register for internships, Time 2 classes, and ACTC classes before the “Last day to add with faculty signature-Full Semester class.” Financial PAINTING aid will not be adjusted for classes added after this date.

Unofficial Withdrawal
Federal regulations require that records of financial aid recipients who earn failing grades in all of their classes be reviewed. If the courses were not completed (i.e. unofficial withdrawal, stopped attending, etc.), Augsburg is required to refund financial aid to the appropriate sources according to federal or Augsburg refund policies based on the last recorded date of attendance. Students are responsible for the entire cost of the term, including the portion previously covered by financial aid if you failed your courses or stopped attending. Students are strongly urged to follow the guidelines for complete withdrawal from college. If there are extenuating circumstances, a petition to have the cost of tuition refunded can be made. Petition forms are available online through the Registrar’s Office website.

Medical Leave Policy
If a student is forced to withdraw from one or more courses due to illness or an accident, a request for a medical refund should be made through the Academic/Financial Petition. Petition forms are available through the Registrar’s Office website. An extra medical refund may be granted by the Committee upon submission of documentation from the attending doctor, on letterhead, verifying the medical circumstances.

Return of Aid Policy
Students must earn the financial aid they are awarded each semester.
Federal/State Aid Adjustments:
Augsburg is required to return unearned federal/state aid for students who fully withdraw from their courses. Students are eligible to keep more aid the longer they attend their courses. After 60% of the term has passed, students are eligible to keep all of their federal/state aid. If you are planning to completely withdraw from your courses, please see a
Student Financial Services counselor to determine what aid may need to be returned.
Institutional Aid Adjustments:
Augsburg will return institutional aid for students who partially withdraw or fully withdraw from courses. If students withdraw from their courses, they will receive a 50% tuition refund and 50% of their institutional aid will be removed. If a student withdraws after the last day to receive a tuition refund, there will be no adjustment to their institutional aid.

Financial Aid Counseling & Appointments
If you wish to speak with someone regarding your award or financial circumstances, you are encouraged to email Student Financial Services ( or visit Student Financial Services in the Enrollment Center of Sverdrup Hall during their regular business hours of 9:00 am – 4:30pm Monday – Friday.