Campus Mailbox Stuff Policy

Augsburg College does not permit individuals or organizations to “stuff” the campus mailboxes without prior authorization. Mailings from outside organizations are not permitted unless sponsored by a campus organization or the President.  Campus box stuffs may require a signature from a Divisional Vice President, the Dean or the President on the Incoming Mailroom Campus Box Stuff Form.

This form is located at and listed under Central Support Services. Please note the mailroom does not accept signatures from staff within the department making the request.

Deliver the material, along with the completed form, to the Incoming Mailroom. If the Copy Center copies/prints the material for the box stuff, provide the completed form to the Copy Center when placing the order. Request the Copy Center deliver the copies to the Incoming Mailroom.

Upon delivery, the request is evaluated for a completion date. This date depends on the project size and the mailroom’s current workload. General completion time will be within two days from the date the project was delivered to the Incoming Mailroom.