Student Guide

Whether you are attending Augsburg College for the first time or continuing your study, the Student Guide should provide useful information about policies and procedures. For information about student services and opportunities on campus, use the index below.


Augsburg College Mission “Augsburg College educates students to be informed citizens, thoughtful stewards, critical thinkers, and responsible leaders. The Augsburg experience is supported by an engaged community that is committed to intentional diversity in its life and work. An Augsburg education is defined by excellence in the liberal arts and professional studies, guided by the faith and values of the Lutheran church, and shaped by its urban and global settings.”

The Augsburg College Catalog is an official publication of Augsburg College; it should answer most questions students have about the College and its curriculum. Note: While information was current at the time of the Catalog’s publication, it is subject to change without notice. Information includes, but is not limited to, detail on Admissions (Undergraduate Day and Weekend, Graduate and other Programs), Academic Policies and Procedures (e.g. registration, withdrawal from college, petition process, military call to active duty, re-admission and transfer credit), Graduation Requirements, and information on Evaluation and Grading. Printed catalogs are available from the Office of Admissions; more information is available on

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16-17 Student Guide – Google Docs

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