Process & Ways to Report

What happens when I submit a form?

The form is received by Lisa Stock,  Director Human Resources, and Sarah Griesse, Dean of Students. They will consult and determine what action to take.
Discrimination and Bias-Incident Online Reporting Form
If you share your name on the form (optional), either Lisa or Sarah will contact you directly and promptly. She will talk with you about the incident and discuss your options. In addition, she will provide information regarding resources and support.

If you choose to remain anonymous they will coordinate action based upon the information shared. Anonymous information provides perspective regarding a situation but may not enable any direct action to be taken, depending upon the details provided.

Are there other ways to report?

Other ways to report a discrimination or bias incident include the following:

  • You may go to Lisa or Sarah’s office to talk with one of them in person.
  • You may call Lisa or Sarah directly.
  • You may send an email to one or both of them.
  • You may refer a friend to Lisa or Sarah to share what happened using any of the communication options outlined above.

Lisa Stock
Director of Human Resources
Memorial Hall room 19

Sarah Griesse
Dean of Students
Memorial Hall room 118