Commuter Student Resources

Table of Contents

3.Off Campus Living
4.Lounges and Study Spaces
5.Gender Neutral Restrooms
7.Campus Computers and Printer Locations
8.Building Access
9.Free Table
10.Campus Activities and Orientation & Student Organizations
11.Child Care

1. Transportation

There are a number of transportation options other than driving a car to campus. If you will be driving and parking here, you should go to the Department of Public Safety’s parking page for more information on how to purchase a parking pass. For more in-depth information about all of the different ways you can take advantage of alternative transportation options please visit our Transportation Page.

The University Bookstore (located on the ground level of OGC) offers subsidized bus passes. Augsburg hopes all commuter students will consider using public transit as a more environmentally-friendly mode of transportation to and from campus. There are many bus stops in close proximity to campus and you’ll no longer need to worry about finding a parking spot. As an added bonus, you can read and work on your classwork while on your commute, rather than having to drive.

Thinking about biking to campus? You should! Minneapolis is a very bike friendly city and there are plenty of places to lock your bike up while you’re in class or studying. The Transportation page has plenty of resources for you if you’re thinking of cycling to campus.

2. Food

A’viands is Augsburg’s dining service provider.  They have three different options located throughout campus.

  1. The Commons is located on the 2nd floor of the Christensen Center and offers multiple buffets with an array of rotating options.  Go to A’viand’s website for more information and their menu.
  2. Nabo: A Neighborhood Cafe can be found on the main level of Oren Gateway Center next to the bookstore. They have a wide offering of made-to-order options from from giant burgers to build-your-own pasta. They also have plenty of on-the-go food and beverage items for students who just need a quick snack before class.  Head to Nabo’s website for more information.
  3. Einstein Brother’s Bagels on the main level of the Christensen Center is the place to be to grab a breakfast snack and some Caribou coffee on your way to class. If bagels aren’t really your thing, they also have a variety pre-made sandwiches and salads. Head to Einstein’s website for more information.
  4. Kafe Kafeega is located in the Hagfors Center on second floor, right next to the entrance to the skyway. Kafeega is the newest dining outlet on campus. At Kafeega all of the coffee and espresso beans are certified fair trade and organic, they also serve fresh pastries, fruit cups, salads, and wraps.

If you are interested in purchasing a meal plan as a commuter student please visit the A’viands Commuter Meal Plan web page.

If you’d like to heat up some of your own food on campus there’s a microwave located at Nabo and at Einstein’s. There are also vending machines located in the basement of Christensen that have soda, coffee drinks and snack food as well.

There are also a plethora of local dining options within just a few blocks of Augsburg. Check out the map below to find all of the different options in the area.

For keyboard-friendly navigation of this map please follow this link.

3. Off Campus Living

Though it is not a requirement to live on-campus, we hope all students would choose to live on campus.. Studies show that living on campus and being part of a support system helps grow community and students academically. Many students come from nearby communities where it makes better sense to commute. As well, students determine that living off-campus is the better option. Some resources that may be helpful to find off campus living are:

Rent College Pads
Unlike citywide apartment rental websites, Rent College Pads was created for students. Every apartment is college student friendly and a short distance from campus.

Housing Link:
This website allows you to search for more information on housing programs and subsidies.  You are also able to enter specific search criteria (location, rent, size, pets, etc.)  It then produces a list of available apartments within that search criteria.

Common Bond:
This website allows you to search for affordable housing with support services for families, seniors and adults with disabilities.

Lutheran Social Services of MN:
Affordable rental housing in Minneapolis, St. Paul; Families must contact CAHS (Ramsey County centralized intake) for supportive housing through LSS.

Project for Pride in Living:
Affordable rental housing in Minneapolis, St. Paul, New Hope and St. Louis Park.  This website offers explanation of eligibility requirements and contact information for property managers.

Aeon Affordable Housing:
Affordable/market rate apartment listings; income based listings (section 8 or HUD); moving out of homelessness listings (must have shelter/social worker verification to be eligible)

HOME Line:
HOME Line provides free and low-cost legal, organizing, education, and advocacy services so that tenants throughout Minnesota can solve their own rental housing problems. We work to improve public and private policies relating to rental housing by involving affected tenants in the process.
For English, call 612-728-5767 or email your question to one of our housing attorneys.
Toll-free from Greater Minnesota: 866-866-3546
For Spanish, call 612-255-8870. HOME Line ofrece servicios en español.
For Somali, call 612-255-8860. HOME Line waxay bixisaa adeeg ku baxa Afka-Soomaaliga

For information on Renter’s Insurance:

4. Lounges and Study Spaces

Student Lounge: Located on the main level of Christensen the student lounge is a great study space and also a great place to relax.

Einstein’s/Fishbowl Area: Located on the main level of Christensen, great meeting space for group projects as well as studying by yourself. Head to the back for glass fishbowl when you need a quieter environment.

Urness/Mortensen Lobby: A busy place with tables, chairs and a giant TV. Good place to catch friends coming and going from Christensen Center and the residence halls. There’s also a computer lab on the Urness-side of the lobby. Students have 24 hour access and the lab has both Windows and Mac computers that are connected to printers.

Hagfors Center: There are plenty of impromptu study spots all around Hagfors. There are plenty of comfy chairs and tables to us in the lobby as well as small desk space in the halls. On the second floor you can study at the tables of Kafe Kafeega or enjoy the view overlooking the lobby. Whether with a small group or just studying on your own, you’ll find a great space to study.

Sverdrup Hall: A small study area is also located in Sverdrup Hall close by the Enrollment Center with tables and chairs, There is a computer kiosk nearby where you can check your e-mail or access the Internet.

Kennedy Center: On the third floor outside the classrooms are some very comfortable chairs with space for your laptop. A little noisy between classes, it is a warm and inviting space for all.

Oren Gateway Center: On the main floor students can relax in the atrium outside the Art Gallery and in the study room. Nabo offers great food and the seating area provides a great place to watch Riverside Avenue. There is outdoor seating on the Nabo Terrace.

Outside: Murphy Park is the oldest park in the Twin Cities area and sits in the middle of the campus. Students will find benches at various locations throughout the campus. While the weather is nice, enjoy the great outdoors!

Library: The library has a variety of great places to study. The third floor offers rooms you can reserve to make sure your project groups have the perfect place to collaborate. The basement is the place to go when you need a silent area to focus on reading, studying or typing that final paper you’ve been working on all semester. Remember, the library offers plenty of other resources that could also assist you in polishing the final draft of your paper or help you get started on that ambitious research project that you were just assigned. Check out the Library’s web page for more information on hours, resources, etc.

*Classrooms that are not in use can always be used for study and meeting spaces as well, just remember to move the furniture back to it’s original state once you’re done!

5. Gender Neutral Restrooms

The following text was copied from the LGBTQIA Student Services Website, please follow the link to view the most up-to-date list of all-gender restrooms.

Augsburg University is committed to ensuring that all students, staff, faculty, and visitors have access to safe, usable restrooms on campus.

Below is a listing of all-gender restrooms on the Augsburg University campus in Minneapolis.  In addition to those listed below, there are ongoing efforts to increase the number of all-gender restrooms.

  • Anderson Hall, 1st floor (1 restroom in Center for Wellness and Counseling)
  • Christensen Center, 3rd floor (2 restrooms)
  • Foss Center, Main Level adjacent to Green Room (2 restrooms)
  • Hagfors Center, 1st floor (1 restroom)
  • Hagfors Center, 2nd floor (1 restroom)
  • Hagfors Center, 3rd floor (1 restroom)
  • Kennedy Center, 2nd floor (2 restrooms)
  • Lindell Library, 2nd floor (2 restrooms)
  • Memorial Hall, 1st floor (2 restrooms)
  • Memorial Hall, 2nd floor (1 restroom)
  • Memorial Hall, 3rd floor (2 restrooms)
  • Old Main, Ground Level (2 restrooms)
  • Oren Gateway Center, Lower Level (1 restroom; only accessible with key fob)
  • Science Building, 2nd Floor (1 restroom)
  • Urness-Mortensen Lobby, Main Level (2 restrooms)

6. Lockers

If you’re interested in renting a locker for the academic year or summer term (free of charge), click here for more information.

7. On-Campus Computer and Printer Locations

Urness 24 Hour Lab: The computer lab directly under Urness, located right by Public Safety’s dispatch desk is available for you to use all day, every day. There’s a printer, and both Windows and Mac computers so no matter the preference or software that you are using, you’ll be covered. This lab is open to all Augsburg students.

The Groves Accommodations Lab: Located on the link level of the library in the Gage Center lab also offers a printer, Windows and Mac computers as well as a host of assistive technology for students with disabilities to use as needed. The Groves lab is open to all Augsburg students, for more info, check here.

8. Building Access

  • For general information about building access including policies and hours click here.
  • For the hours of the Lindell Library click here.
  • For the hours of Athletic Facilities click here.
  • If you do not currently have a fob to access buildings and the fitness center (open to all students, staff, faculty and alumni) please go to the Department of Public Safety website. If you are using the fitness center facilities you will need to have your Augsburg ID with you as well.

9. Free Table

Located in the lower level of Christensen, right at the entrance to the Auggie’s Nest, is the free table. You never know what you might find, a set of thee-ring binders, a textbook for a class you’re taking, office supplies, or maybe even an old, scratched up Mike Jones CD that still works. It’s all free and it might be worth your time to look through.

10. Campus Activities and Orientation & Student Organizations

Looking for a way to get more involved with the campus community, meet new friends and/or learn something new? Look no further. Campus Activities and Orientation has numerous student groups that are very active on campus. Don’t like any of the ones currently offered? You can always start your own, it’s easy!

List of Student Organizations
More Information on Student Orgs

11. Child Care

The following sites provide excellent resources in finding child care that fits your specific needs

If you are in need of child care in the area, this interactive map shows plenty of locations very close to Augsburg.