October Auggie Pride Recipients

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Congratulations to Amanda Burgess, Assistant Director of New Student Financial Aid and Mary Jastremski, Admissions Operations Coordinator for receiving the October Auggie Pride Award. Their hard work and positive attitudes through tough transitions in their departments have made a huge impact to the people around them and campus as a whole. Staff Senate admires the work they do everyday and are honored to award them both with this month’s Auggie Pride Award.

Congratulations Amanda Burgess for receiving the October Auggie Pride Award.

Amanda Burgess

Nomination: Amanda was the interim director of financial aid while the department searched for a replacement. She stepped up and held the office together.  As I’m new to the office, I can see the kind of leadership Amanda exuded and I would like to recognize for this and all her years of service with Augsburg College and within the student financial services department.


Congratulations Andrea Dvorak for receiving the October Auggie Pride Award!

Andrea Dvorak

Nomination: Andrea over the past year has been instrumental in implementing 2 major projects for CGEE. 1) CGEE-wide use of online application and risk management system. She has gone above and beyond to work with staff from all 6 (Minneapolis, Mexico, Nicaragua, Namibia, Guatemala, El Salvador) of our locations world-wide to make this system work for our complex organization which serves not only Augsburg College, but also colleges and universities across the country. and 2) Assessment. Andrea is CGEE’s newly appointed Assessment Lead. She serves on the College’s co-curricular and academic assessment committees. Again, she is working with staff from all 6 of our locations to develop assessment processes that incorporate not only for Augsburg stakeholders but also other colleges and universities.

The work on both of these projects is extremely complex and requires someone with excellent project management skills and the ability to work with diverse stakeholders. Andrea is doing an excellent job.

Congratulations Mary Jastremski for receiving the October Auggie Pride Award.

Mary Jastremski

Nomination: Admissions recently purchased a new software (Slate) and made a push to get it installed as soon as they could. Mary has been working tirelessly over the past months to get all the data from their old software (Hobsons Connect) into this new software, to set up data imports from the external agencies that feed data into Slate (ACT, Common App), and to get new data flows and updates happening in this new software. I’ve been working with Mary over the past month to get data from Slate into our main SIS software (Agresso) and to get data back into Slate and Mary is always cheerful and never ignores my requests. She always remains calm and composed. Mary has been working nights and weekends on this project and highly deserves this recognition.

To nominate an Augsburg staff for this monthly award, email the name of the staff person and reason for your nomination to staffsenate@augsburg.edu.