October Auggie Pride Recipients

Congratulations to Amanda Burgess, Assistant Director of New Student Financial Aid and Mary Jastremski, Admissions Operations Coordinator for receiving the October Auggie Pride Award. Their hard work and positive attitudes through tough transitions in their departments have made a huge impact to the people around them and campus as a whole. Staff Senate admires the work they do everyday and are honored to award them both with this month’s Auggie Pride Award.


Congratulations Amanda Burgess for receiving the October Auggie Pride Award.

Amanda Burgess

Nomination: Amanda was the interim director of financial aid while the department searched for a replacement. She stepped up and held the office together.  As I’m new to the office, I can see the kind of leadership Amanda exuded and I would like to recognize for this and all her years of service with Augsburg College and within the student financial services department.



Congratulations Andrea Dvorak for receiving the October Auggie Pride Award!

Andrea Dvorak

Nomination: Andrea over the past year has been instrumental in implementing 2 major projects for CGEE. 1) CGEE-wide use of online application and risk management system. She has gone above and beyond to work with staff from all 6 (Minneapolis, Mexico, Nicaragua, Namibia, Guatemala, El Salvador) of our locations world-wide to make this system work for our complex organization which serves not only Augsburg College, but also colleges and universities across the country. and 2) Assessment. Andrea is CGEE’s newly appointed Assessment Lead. She serves on the College’s co-curricular and academic assessment committees. Again, she is working with staff from all 6 of our locations to develop assessment processes that incorporate not only for Augsburg stakeholders but also other colleges and universities.

The work on both of these projects is extremely complex and requires someone with excellent project management skills and the ability to work with diverse stakeholders. Andrea is doing an excellent job.


Congratulations Mary Jastremski for receiving the October Auggie Pride Award.

Mary Jastremski

Nomination: Admissions recently purchased a new software (Slate) and made a push to get it installed as soon as they could. Mary has been working tirelessly over the past months to get all the data from their old software (Hobsons Connect) into this new software, to set up data imports from the external agencies that feed data into Slate (ACT, Common App), and to get new data flows and updates happening in this new software. I’ve been working with Mary over the past month to get data from Slate into our main SIS software (Agresso) and to get data back into Slate and Mary is always cheerful and never ignores my requests. She always remains calm and composed. Mary has been working nights and weekends on this project and highly deserves this recognition.

To nominate an Augsburg staff for this monthly award, email the name of the staff person and reason for your nomination to staffsenate@augsburg.edu.

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Outstanding Staff Awards Survey

We are interested in some feedback about the awards given out every year at our Staff Appreciation event. Staff Senate strives to continue the growth of this event and the award opportunities that come with it and your input is key to making that happen. Take our two question survey.

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James Shropshire receives Auggie Pride Award

Congratulations James Shropshire for receiving the September Auggie Pride Award.

Congratulations James Shropshire for receiving the September Auggie Pride Award.

James Shropshire, assistant director of Operation and Investigation, received the September Auggie Pride Award for his great work through adversity. The Auggie Pride Award is presented to Augsburg staff as a token of appreciation for their dedication and work that goes above and beyond what is expected.

Nomination: We had the assistant director for Transportation and communication in DPS leave for another position, which meant James had to carry two jobs while we did the job search. In the exciting time of CSBR construction, we lost 180 parking spaces, re-designated lots, increased incentive packages and added parking lots across the freeway. James took on this second job, and not only hired and trained the 16-17 students working at dispatch, but took on parking. There were a number of very trying situations and a good number of our community who weren’t particularly gracious or kind. James responded with professionalism to all.

To nominate an Augsburg staff for this monthly award, email the name of the staff person and reason for your nomination to staffsenate@augsburg.edu.

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Staff Senate and UC-Subcommittee Forum


Rebecca John presents on the development of the Campus Design and Space Use Subcommittee

Rebecca John presents on the development of the Campus Design and Space Use Subcommittee

The Staff Senate and UC—Subcommittee Forum was well received by those in attendance. To start the forum Co-chair Jen Jacobs gave a brief overview of what Staff Senate is, the mission, the members, and the 2016-17 goals. This information can be found at inside.augsburg.edu/staffsenate.

To start the University Council presentations Leif Anderson gave an overview of the UC Council and the subcommittees. To follow a representative from each subcommittee shared the goals and 2015-16 accomplishments of their subcommittee. Each subcommittee was in attendance; Campus Design and Space Use, Diversity and Inclusion, Enrollment, Environmental Stewardship, Resource, and Student Success. It was interesting to see the progress being made under this new University Council structure.

Although the forum didn’t leave too much time for discussion some subcommittee representatives left with questions for their initiatives. If you have questions or concerns you can learn more about each committee along with whom to contact at inside.augsburg.edu/universitycouncil.

A goal of Staff Senate’s this year is to increase communication. If you have any feedback on how we can improve the Staff Senate and UC—Subcommittee Forum please email us at staffsenate@augsburg.edu. Thank you for everyone who was able to attend and to those who presented.


Tuesday, October 25
1:30 p.m.
in the Marshall Room

Based on feedback Staff Senate received seeking more communication, Staff Senate will be hosting a forum to give a overview of the role of staff senate and hosting representatives from each of the UC-subcommittees to uplift some of the amazing work going on in each committee. We invite you to join us for this great opportunity to learn what our rock star colleagues are doing for Augsburg college!

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Meet the 2016-17 Staff Senate

Staff Senate 2016-17

Theresa Gade, Human Resources
Jie Hie, International Student and Scholar Services
Jennifer Jacobs, Athletics
Denielle Johnson, Marketing and Communication
Seth Lienard, Event and Conference Planning
Bryan Massich, Facilities Management
Jim Matthias, Information Technology
Pa Dao Yang, Office of Undergraduate Admissions

The Augsburg College Staff Senate shall serve Augsburg College and its staff by providing a forum to foster and promote a positive and meaningful dialogue among staff, faculty, students and administration by advising in decision making processes, by serving as an advocate for Augsburg College staff, by promoting professional development opportunities and by recognition of Augsburg College staff’s contributions to furthering and upholding the mission and values of Augsburg College.

Sharing Staff Concerns

If you would like to contact Staff Senate you can use the online form (anonymous option) or email concerns, issues, or observations to staffsenate@augsburg.edu.

The feedback form is designed to allow Augsburg College employees an opportunity to provide input to the Staff Senate, positive or negative. The form may be submitted anonymously. Please provide your contact information if you would like a member of Staff Senate to follow up with you. Your feedback will be discussed at our next available meeting time. If you would like to provide in-person feedback, we invite you to attend our open forums as well.

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Staff Senate Seeks Nominees

Be engaged in the Augsburg community by serving on Staff Senate. If you’d like to become a senator or nominate a colleague, send your candidate(s) names to staffsenate@augsburg.edu by Tuesday, May 17. Online elections will take place May 19-26. Staff Senate is filling two elected Staff Senate positions this spring.

All nominees will be verified before being placed on the election ballot. An email will be sent to all Augsburg staff with a link to the online election survey on May 19. Staff will have until May 26 to take the survey. Successful candidates will be notified by May 27.

Staff Senate Membership

Augsburg College Staff Senate (ACSS) is composed of six members who are nominated and elected by their peers for a two-year term and two at-large members to be chosen, in every instance, by ACSS. All ACSS members have the option to serve a third year.

Election Procedures

Nomination and Voting Rights: Nominations are collected through e-mail and ballots are gathered from all staff through an online survey (staff eligible to vote are all regular full- and part-time staff, not including union, temporary staff, MMeep, MCC, or other agency groups). ACSS members are eligible to vote. Composition of ACSS: It is recommended that members be at least .75 FTE, regardless of exempt or non-exempt status.

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Spring Social set for May 12

Please join the Augsburg community in celebrating the work of its staff during the past academic year. Food and drink will be provided. Door prizes will once again be given away.

Spring Social 
Thursday, May 12
3-5 p.m.
The Quad
(In case of rain, the event will move inside Christensen Center)

Email staffsenate@augsburg.edu with any questions.

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Simon receives Auggie Pride Award

Jennifer Simon, director of American Indian Student Services, Simon Auggie Pride Awardreceived the Auggie Pride Award for her work on the 2016 Powwow on campus. The Auggie Pride Award is presented to Augsburg staff as a token of appreciation for their dedication and work that goes above and beyond what is expected.

Nomination: “ Jennifer provided leadership for the 8th annual Powwow. She organized all the arrangements and worked with on- and off-campus groups and individuals. This event has helped to improve and solidify relationships with our neighbors as well as showing to our Native students how Augsburg values their culture and history. She made sure to include admissions staff at the event. This year she added an alumni event more than 20 alumni showed up with their families. She made sure that Alumni and Constituent Relations were present for the event.

To nominate an Augsburg staff for this monthly award, email the name of the staff person and reason for your nomination to staffsenate@augsburg.edu.

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Outstanding Staff Award Recipients

Outstanding Staff Award Winners for 2016And the winners of the 2016 Outstanding Staff awards are:

Avis Benson, Information Technology
Jill Davenport, Purchasing and Central Services
Sonja Hagander, Campus Ministry
Melissa Lee, Athletics
Leah Spinosa de Vega, Center for Global Education and Experience
Laura Swanson, Marketing and Communication

Staff Senate thanks all of the nominators for their work in gathering nominees and recommendation letters. We also thank those who were nominated and recognize the great work that all 18 staff have exhibited to be nominated by their peers.

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2016 Staff Appreciation Event set for March 3

All Augsburg staff are invited to the Staff Appreciation Event at 2:30-4 p.m. on Thursday, March 3, in the Hoversten Chapel, Foss Center. Staff Senate will honor staff who celebrated their 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 35th anniversaries in 2015 as well as the nominees and winners of the Outstanding Staff Award.

Thursday, March 3
2:30-4 p.m.
Hoversten Chapel, Foss Center


Avis Benson, Information Technology
Caren Custer, Education
Jill Davenport, Purchasing and Central Services
Jen Day, Institutional Advancement
Laura Fritts, Admissions
Sonja Hagander, Campus Ministry
Mara Kilgore, Academic Affairs
Cathy Knutson, Music
Melissa Lee, Athletics
Mike Martin, Facilities Management
Roberto Mata, Custodial Services
Christy Mattingly, Information Technology
Dulce Monterrubio, Multicultural Student Services
Joanne Reeck, Campus Activities and Orientation
Leah Spinosa de Vega, Center for Global Education and Experience
Laura Swanson, Marketing and Communication
Bonnie Tensen, Information Technology
Ann Marie Yacobucci, Education



Margo Abramson, Advancement Services
Rick Andersen, Athletic Facilities
Jane Becker, Athletics
Catherine Bishop, Academic Affairs
Theresa Gade, Human Resources
Linden Gawboy, Nursing
Stephen Geffre, Marketing and Communication
Rebecca John, Marketing and Communication
Rachel Kruzel, CLASS Program
Melodie Lane, Athletics
Michelle McAteer, Athletics
Bruce Nelson, Athletic Development
Stephanie Ruckel, Student Financial Services
Franz Santander, Information Technology
Nancy Shaeffer, Graduate Admissions
Jenny Wheatley, Art Department


Chris Brown, Athletics
Amanda Burgess, Student Financial Services
Aynalem Dawo, Custodial Services
Andrea Dvorak, International Programs
Matt Galloway, Information Technology
Aaron Griess, Athletics
Frank Haege, Athletics
Regina Hopingardner, CLASS Program
Melissa Lee, Athletics
Karen Mulhausen, Theater Arts
Bekele Sankiko, Custodial Services
Matt Schornstein, Information Technology
Jerusalem Tesfaye, Custodial Services
Abennet Tulu, Custodial Services
Woinshet Abebe, Custodial Services


Tom Kelsey, Registrar’s Office
Scott Krajewski, Information Technology
Dixie Shafer, Undergraduate Research and Graduate Opportunity Office
Cory Snyder, Student Financial Services
Rebecca Waggoner, Alumni-Parent Relations
Bill Wittenbreer, Library


Heather Hultquist, Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Drew Privette, Athletics


Margaret Anderson, Center for Global Education and Experience
Bruce Bengry, Public Safety
Mary Laurel True, Sabo Center for Democracy and Citizenship
Diane Syler, Student Financial Services
Jim Trelstad-Porter, International Programs
Jeanette Wittmer, Academic Advising


Kathleen Kuross, Information Technology
Donna McLean, Development


Nancy Guilbeault, Center for Wellness and Counseling

Congratulations and thank you for your service. Anniversaries being celebrated here are staff who had milestone work anniversaries between January 2015 through February 2016.

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