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Auggie interns at the RNC

AUGUST 22, 2008

Picture of Meagan Swartzer Next week, Augsburg's campus will come to life when 150 students from across the country arrive for the Washington Center's 2008 Presidential Academic Seminar Series. Twenty-three Augsburg students will participate in internships through the program, each working in the preparation and planning stages of this event to learn about the behind-the-scenes efforts involved with a national convention. Augsburg commuication studies faculty Bob Groven and Kristin Chamberlain are serving on the faculty of the Seminar.

This week we feature Alison Witt (pictured left) and RuthAnn Dohner, both Sophomores at Augsburg. Go to Augsburg's Get Political website for more student intern profiles and a schedule of events.

Alison Witt -- Sophomore

Alison is a political science major with an interest in both history and sociology. Though Alison only recently became politically active, she has always been fascinated by politics and history." I chose to work for the convention because I feel like this election is very crucial. Despite the fact that I do consider myself a liberal at heart, I still feel like this will be an amazing opportunity to really see what goes on behind the scenes of politics and to see the stuff they don't show on TV." Alison wants to leave the convention better informed about how politics work." I think this convention will really decide if I want to work in politics when I'm older, or maybe just teach it to high school students."

Alison is planning to obtain her teaching license after gaining more experience outside the classroom and in political realm. She has hopes to someday work with campaigns or for a program like Campus Camp Wellstone.

RuthAnn Dohner -- Sophomore

RuthAnn came all the way from Alaska to get her bachelor's degree in biology and minor in chemistry here at Augsburg. Her political interest started with her dad. "My dad is very politically active." Before this internship, RuthAnn did an internship in Senator Ted Steven's office in Washington D.C." It was an amazing trip and opportunity to see the sights and be involved in politics. It really motivated me to learn more about politics and to be informed about political news." This internship with the RNC will give her a chance to learn even more about the political process.

After graduation, RuthAnn is considering continuing her education either through pre-med or in a graduate program for research.

Volunteers Needed!

This seminar provides an opportunity to be involved with the Republican National Convention and to help Augsburg shine on the national stage. There are many ways for faculty and staff to assist -- check out the volunteer opportunities. When you've found a task that fits your talents or interests, contact Sara Schlipp-Riedel at 612-330-1323 or email to be added to the volunteer schedule.

Story by Amanda Symes, contributor