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Brian Krohn interviewed by 'Good Morning America'

APRIL 28, 2008

Picture of Brian Krohn and Dr. Arlin Gyberg being interviewed.This Monday afternoon, Augsburg College chemistry senior Brian Krohn and President Paul Pribbenow were interviewed by ABC News' "Good Morning America" program. All indications are that this interview will be broadcast tomorrow, April 29. Local ABC affiliates carry "Good Morning America" from 7 - 9 a.m. CDT.

As has been reported on Inside Augsburg and outside media, Brian's summer research under the eye of Professor Arlin Gyberg led to a revolutionary discovery of a highly efficient method of producing biodiesel from a wide variety of sources. Brian and Dr. Gyberg contacted Dr. Clayton McNeff, an Augsburg alumnus who also happens to be a vice president with Sartec Corporation. Sartec was able to provide the resources and expertise to turn Brian's discovery into a full-fledged production system that will be producing millions of gallons of biodiesel by the end of the year.

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