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Augsburg College to announce program for Seward Montessori School

Students to receive up to $8,000 in scholarship money

Oct. 22 1998

Nearly 800 students from Seward Montessori School will gather at Murphy Park on the Augsburg College campus at 12:30 p.m. Tuesday for a kickoff program that will announce that Seward Montessori School students can receive up to $8,000 in scholarship money to attend Augsburg.

At the kickoff event, Augsburg President William V. Frame will announce that all students in grades 1-8 who attend Seward Montessori School will have the opportunity to earn a $1,000 scholarship to be applied to their post-secondary education at Augsburg for each full year they attend Seward Montessori School.

The scholarship program is part of the Augsburg/Seward vision of promoting and supporting lifelong learning for students in Minneapolis Public Schools.

The goal of this program is to improve student achievement for all students attending Seward Montessori School by providing an incentive for post-secondary education at Augsburg College to all students meeting achievement criteria.

NOTE TO PHOTOGRAPHERS -- The students will depart Seward Montessori School at 12 p.m. and walk the following route to Augsburg:
- West on E. 22nd Street to 26th
- North on 26th Avenue South to Franklin Avenue
- West on Franklin Avenue for two blocks to 24th Avenue South
- North on 24th Avenue South to 9th Street South
- Take footbridge over I-94 to Murphy Park


* Students must attend Seward Montessori School in Minneapolis for a full year to qualify for the scholarships, beginning with the 1997-98 school year.

* Students must be accepted as an Augsburg student through the College's regular entry process to apply the scholarship at Augsburg.

The student must be a full-time day student or be enrolled in an alternative degree program at Augsburg.


* Each Seward Montessori School student has the potential to earn $8,000 (if attending the school for grades 1-8) to be applied to Augsburg tuition costs over a period of two or more years.

* Each scholarship will be honored by Augsburg over a period of two years or more (scholarships are not to be fully used in one year).

* The scholarship works as part of a financial aid package and does not count as income.


* An advisory group will be established composed of Augsburg representatives and representatives from Seward staff, parents and students.

* All documentation will be kept in the student's cumulative record by school staff. Seward staff, coordinating with Augsburg, will develop and maintain a database to manage the information.

* Students qualifying for a scholarship will be recognized annually, with special attention given to the eighth grade graduation ceremony. A certificate will be issued to each student from both Augsburg and Seward Montessori School.