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Lorin Hollander on the importance of arts at Augsburg

Apr. 08 1998

The Schubert Club, Augsburg College, and Schmitt Music Foundation present Lorin Hollander, concert pianist and noted researcher on mind/body/spirit in relation to artistic expression, on April 23, 1998 in Sateren Auditorium, Music Hall, Augsburg College, 22nd and Riverside Avenues, Minneapolis. A Piano Master Class will take place at 3-4:30pm with free admission. At 7:30pm, Mr. Hollander will hold a lecture, "Art and Creativity as the Center of Human Experience" with a $10 admission at the door. This event is free for students, members of The Schubert Club, and Augsburg faculty and staff. For information call 612-330-1265.

Mr. Hollander made his debut in New York in Carnegie Hall at the age of eleven, and has performed with virtually every major orchestra in the world. As a teacher and mentor he is committed to empowering the creativity and lifelong contribution of all people to the global community as artists, scientists, mentors and spiritual seekers and healer. His research at various universities throughout the U.S. is involved in an exploration of the primal, core inner human experience of all people. Hollander states that "Shamanic and indigenous cultures, the spiritual disciplines of east and west, have called us to recognize that this core emptiness, void or hollowness is the arena in which an inner pain is inextricably linked with the creativity imbued in the music and arts of all peoples."

"Our country is spending hundreds of billions of dollars a year putting out the conflagrations of the results of dysfunctions in the prisons, addiction recovery programs, mental illness institutions, etc. Through psychological research and the clear understanding of those who have, through self-reflection, explored the inner realms we are now able to create a "preventive education;" and education that would allow children to discover early in their lives the spiritual realities and psychological mechanisms which address their cravings and hungers and learn to transform these into artistic creation and expression." (Lorin Hollander)

Mr. Hollander has spent a lifetime in the advocacy of the arts in all education. He is interested in participating in a multi-disciplined, multi-cultural inquiry into the national and global movements in the transformation of education. His lecture has as its mission empowering the coming together of different departments and disciplines of the college into a learning community, as we look at the crises and dysfunctions that are tormenting our society and ways in which these might be prevented through enlightened education.