Information Security Education

Why should I care about information security?

Your information is valuable.  Your username and password is a key to unlock access to information about yourself and about Augsburg.  People are trying to get your login and password to use that information to make money.

SPAM emails have been annoying for years but in recent years phishing emails have been on the rise as SPAM has decreased.  Acting on a phishing email and giving your AugNet password to an unknown site poses a threat both to your personal information but also to Augsburg’s information and systems.  2012 saw a 42% increase in targeted attacks on businesses.  These targeted attacks are focusing more on smaller businesses like Augsburg.  Sharing your password can open up a way for an attacker to get into your account and thus our information systems which can put everyone’s personal information at risk.  In 2012 between 1 million and 12 million identities were stolen each month.  Your password is extremely valuable and criminals are working harder and harder to trick you into giving it to them.

– Statistics source: Symantec 2013 Internet Security Threat Report

What is this phishing?

Phishing is a form of social engineering attack.  In this particular type of attack an attacker tries to trick potential victims into giving away some type of information about themselves.  Phishing emails try to trick you into entering your login information in a fake website or through an email reply.

Required training?

IT has teamed with HR to require a short Moodle course on Information Security for all employees — staff and faculty.  Students are welcome to try it too.  The course is found on our Moodle Community Site (login required).  The course will show you some common tricks used by phishers and includes a short quiz to test your detection skills.