Google Apps for Education


Learning Google in person

  • Workshops: there are no workshops planned.

What to do first

  • If you forward your Augsburg email you will need to setup the forward in Augsburg gmail. Learn how to here.
  • If you setup your mobile device to connect to Augsburg email you will need to set it up for google.  Read about how to on Android and iOS devices.


Need help?  Check out these online resources first.

  • Google help – google has excellent documentation covering all aspects of using the different tools – gmail, calendar, drive and more!
  • Atomic Learning – Atomic Learning has extensive Gmail tutorial videos.
  • IT Knowledgebase – we have some Augsburg-specific help.  Just search for google.

Is Google down?

Check this status dashboard for the current status of Google services.

Is our data private? What is this terms of service I see with Google+?

Check our page on privacy and terms of service to learn about how different services protect your data differently.

Have some general questions?

How we got to Google

After a series of brown bag sessions and a successful pilot with five departments, the IT Advisory Group has recommended that Augsburg should move to Google Apps for Education for email, calendaring, and network/file storage.

Why move?

There are two main reasons to switch.

  1. To have everyone on the same communications platform – faculty, staff and students.
  2. We work with files everywhere, anywhere, anytime with other people.

What happened?

  1. Workshops in May – July, 2013.
  2. Students moved between May 21 and July 8, 2013. 
  3. Faculty and Staff who did not request to migrate on June 1-2 migrated on July 5-8, 2013.
  4. Workshops in August, 2013.

What was the decision process?

Spring- Summer 2012 – IT Advisory Group explored the topic of an outsourced email and calendar.
Fall 2012 – IT Advisory Group recommended a move to Google, and sought community input.
December 2012 – January 2013 : Advisory Group hosted 7 brown bag sessions – Click for presentation slides
February 2013 : Pre-Pilot in IT.
March – April 2013 : Pilot in Library, TRiO, Math, and Residence Life.
April 2013 : IT Advisory Group reviewed community input and pilot results, finalized recommendation to move.