Registration in Three Steps

web_photo2Congratulations! Now that you’ve made your enrollment deposit, it’s time to start the registration process for your fall classes.  Just follow these easy steps. 

Students will receive their fall schedules when they have completed both the course request and placements tests. Please note that the earlier these are completed, the better the course selection is. It’s in your best interest to complete these in a timely way!

Get Started

1. Complete Your First-Year Course Request 
The username and password required to complete the course request and placement tests are included in the first-year registration packet and emails Academic Advising sends to newly deposited students beginning April 10.

Before you get started, please read through the registration materials that outline the different options for AugSems (first-year seminar courses) and fall classes. Don’t have yours handy? Click the “First Year Registration Info” link for a PDF version below.

2. Take your placement tests online
In order to register, you’ll need to take online placement tests in math, writing, and language.  This ensures that you are in the right courses in the fall. We will use your previous academic coursework to confirm your placement.

Plan to set aside quiet time to focus on these, and have a calculator on hand. You can take the placement tests all in one day (plan for about 2-3 hours), or break them up and take them one at a time (plan for approximately an hour per test). But, if you begin a test you’ll need to finish it within the allotted time. You can begin these online placement tests by clicking on the link below – the same link as your Course Request –  and entering the same username and password from the registration materials you received from Academic Advising.

3. Sign up for a First Year Review Appointment
Student Financial Services and Academic Advising will be meeting with all new first-year students. During Thursdays in June, July and August, we will meet with students to discuss placement test results, fall class schedules, financial aid awards, payment plans, and bookstore accounts. Parents are welcome.

Advising will contact students by email to sign up for these appointments after they have completed both their course request and placement tests. For students that have difficulty getting to campus or live farther away, these appointments can easily be completed over the phone.

We are so excited to meet you, and are here for you every step of the way. If you have questions about registering for classes or placement tests, please call Academic Advising at 612-330-1302 or email us at