Other Proposals

Off-Campus Study Course Proposals

Any course with an overnight off-campus (domestic or international) component, must be approved by CGEE and the Academic Affairs Committee. See the CGEE Faculty and Staff Resources page for the proposal forms and deadlines. If the course has never before been offered in Augsburg’s curriculum, an AAC Course Proposal Form is also required.

Augsburg Experience Proposals

If you are proposing a non-course related Augsburg Experience, such as a short-term immersion program during spring break or an international trip for an athletic team, please contact the Director of General Education, Jacqueline deVries (612-330-1193) early in the planning process.

A course-related Augsburg Experience proposal requires an AAC Course Proposal Form.

Student-Designed Major Proposals

Students may propose a self-designed major. See the Student-Designed Major Description and Student-Designed Major Contract. Send materials to Kerri Maher in Academic Affairs at maherk@augsburg.edu .

Other Proposals

For any proposal relating to the undergraduate academic program not described in these pages, you may submit a self-drafted proposal with a cover letter. Send all AAC materials to Kerri Maher in Academic Affairs at maherk@augsburg.edu .