Online or Hybrid Courses

Course proposals for online or hybrid courses are reviewed by members of the E-Learning Team in addition to the Academic Affairs Committee (AAC). This includes proposals for existing or new courses seeking approval for online/hybrid delivery.

What is the E-Learning Team looking for in online/hybrid course proposals? Below is a list of the minimum requirements:

  1. The Moodle Template (edited by the instructor to include pertinent course information)
  2. The course syllabus (preferably displayed as a Moodle page rather than a PDF or .doc)
  3. The course learning objectives
  4. At least one week session of online learning activities that includes:
    • Learning objectives or topics
    • At least one assignment with thorough instructions
    • At least one forum activity with instructions

You will see this list again on the course form when you are asked to provide the URL to your Moodle site.