Course Proposals

AAC Course Proposal Form

The course form is required for the following types of proposals:

  • A new course
  • Revision to an existing course, such as:
    • Change in course code, title, course description, prerequisites, or course content
    • Approval for online or hybrid delivery
    • Fulfillment of Core Curriculum requirement

Drafting Your Proposal

  • Before you begin, it may be helpful to see a preview of the form’s questions: AAC Course Form Preview.
  • Though the form submission is through Google Forms, you will be able to edit your submission or return to it at a later date. Here’s how:
    • When you submit the Google Form, your responses will automatically populate into a new Google Doc. You will receive via email an invitation to edit this Doc, which now serves as your proposal. If you are not ready for all of the questions on the Form, you may enter a placeholder such as “x” and edit your response later on the Google Doc.
    • You must reach the end of the form and hit “submit” to receive your Google Doc.

Submission Requirements

Your proposal will be added to an AAC agenda when the following requirements have been met:

  1. Proposal: You must submit a course proposal online via Google Form (click the link at the top of this page).
  2. Syllabus: All course proposals require a syllabus for the term in which the change would be implemented. Old syllabi will not be accepted for course revision proposals. E-mail all syllabi or other attachments to
    • The syllabus must specify the following: course objective and desired outcomes, outline of course material, reading and other content sources to be used, methods of evaluation, teaching methodology/classroom activities, and plans for assessment of Augsburg’s institutional student learning outcomes (iSLOs). To make iSLOs more visible to students, faculty are encouraged to include the outcomes that are addressed in the course syllabus.
    • If a course fulfills a General Education requirement, the syllabus should include the learning outcomes for the requirement or syllabi statements, if applicable. See the General Education Moodle site for this information.
    • Looking for a syllabus template? Contact your Department Chair or Program Director, or see the syllabus resources on the CTL website.
  3. Signatures: Signatures are required in order for a proposal to go to the committee.
    • Your proposal (the Google Doc created from your form responses) will be shared with the required reviewers after your proposal and syllabus have been received. The reviewers, who will have “suggesting” access, will be some combination of the following, depending on the nature of your proposal: Department Chair(s)/Program Director(s), Director of General Education, Academic Dean, Registrar’s Office, and LFC/E-Learning Team.
      • The reviewers will receive an email invitation to review and sign your proposal. After this initial point of contact, it is the proposer’s responsibility to ensure that the required signatures have been made.
    • Signatures may appear directly on the Doc or sent via e-mail from the reviewer’s Augsburg account with a short message indicating their approval.

Approvers and Reviewers

As noted above, the individuals who will review a proposal vary depending on the nature of the proposal.

  • Chair/Director of the Submitter’s Department
    • Required on all course proposals; not required if the submitter is the Chair/Director
  • Chair(s)/Director(s) of Other Departments
    • Required if proposal impacts any other departments
  • Director of General Education
    • Required on course proposals involving a Gen Ed requirement (long form only)
  • The Library Director
    • Reviews large changes (long form only)
  • Department LFC/E-Learning Team Member
    • Required on new course proposals and course revisions proposing online/hybrid delivery (long form only)
  • Registrar’s Office
    • Required on all proposals
  • Academic Advising
    • Required on all proposals