Schedule a meeting or small event

1/31/17: Please note- because of the CC third floor shutdown which has taken, we have disabled self scheduling for the month of February. Please email or call 612.330.1104 to book out spaces.
8/4/15: We’ve been having reports of issues with the Astra scheduling software. If you get this error:
First change the customer contact name to someone else in your department (from the drop down list) and then try saving the event request.
If this does not work, please email and we will take care of your request.

This form is for:
Internal Customers who are requesting a Meeting or Small Event that fit the below criteria in the following rooms. For other Staff or Faculty requests please fill out the Internal Large Event Form. For student events, Please see the Student Run Events Form..

Contact with any questions. 

  • Augsburg Room
  • Cedar Room
  • Riverside Room
  • Marshall Room
  • Foss 175
  • Sverdrup 102
  • Lindell 202
  • Lindell 301 (8:00AM-5:30PM or during Library Hours)
  • Oren Gateway 100
  • Oren Gateway 103
  • Oren Gateway 112
  • Science 123

Meeting or Small Event:  

A meeting or small event would be classified as a meeting or event that will be attended “primarily” by on-campus guests and with an attendance of under 25 people. These events require minimal (if any) set up and are generally not open to the public.  

Augsburg College includes other meeting and event spaces not listed here. Many of these spaces require special permissions or are booked through other means. 
The Event and Conference Planning Office does not book the following:
  • Weenas Lounge                                Contact Residence Life
  • Fish Bowl in Christensen Center        Open to the public on a first come, first serve basis
  • Library Study Rooms                          Scheduled through sign up sheets at doors
  • Athletic Facilities                                 For more information visit Athletic Facilities
  • Student Lounge                                  Scheduled through Campus Activities and Orientation
  • Auggie’s Nest in Christensen Center  Open to the public on a first come, first serve basis

Event and Conference Planning reserves the right to deny a request if it does not follow the Event Policies set by the College. Event and Conference Planning also reserves the right to change room reservations at our discretion. We will notify the change via email confirmation.

If you are having issues with our online scheduling program click this link