Student Teaching

These pages contain documents and other files needed for student teachers at Augsburg College. Click on the underlined hyper links (below) to visit, view, or download the desired items.

Important Note: All potential student teachers (general education and special education) must apply to student teach the semester before the intended term. Deadlines are generally October 1 for the following winter/spring, and February 1 for the following fall semester. Specific meeting times and sites will be announced in the Education Department Newsletter.

Grievance Policy: Statute 122A.09. Subd.4. License and rules
(c)The MN board of Teaching, upon the request of a postsecondary student preparing for teacher licensure or a licensed graduate of a teacher preparation program, shall assist in resolving a dispute between the person and a postsecondary institution providing a teacher preparation program when the dispute involves an institution’s recommendation for licensure affecting the person or the person’s credentials.

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