Field Experience & Service-Learning

The Augsburg College Education Department and the State of Minnesota Board of Teaching require preservice teachers to engage in pre-student teaching activities in urban K-12 schools. These experiences are an important part of preparing licensure students for the rigors of full-time K-12 teaching.

Field Experience Placement Procedures – Spring 2015

In order to receive credit for your field placement, you will need to register your field placement with the education department through Tk20.

Students must look up the demographics for each school on the Minnesota Report Card every semester and enter the information in Tk20.

Students may receive help in securing a quality field experience placement; all students must complete the Field Experience Placement Information Form to indicate what support is needed or to let us know where you plan to complete your field experience.

All students should read and sign the Augsburg College Field Experience Agreement to understand the expectations for securing a placement, connecting with the host teacher and beginning the placement, and professionalism.

We encourage students to consider a placement in one of our Partner Schools as we work on impacting P-12 education through enhanced collaboration; we also believe that the Augsburg student experience is enhanced at our partner schools.

Minneapolis Public Schools Placement Requirements

Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) has a 3-step placement process:

  • Criminal background check once per school year (submit to Augsburg College with $5; we will submit the form on your behalf)
  • Online registration using the MPS Pre-Service Teaching website
  • Online orientation to the district.

All teacher candidates placed in MPS (including employees of MPS) must complete these steps.

Instructions on completing this process will be sent when a placement in MPS is confirmed (or when MPS employees indicate the use of a MPS school for completion of field experience hours).

Other Field Placement Forms

The following forms may be used in conjunction with these field experience and service-learning placements:

Field Experience Evaluation Forms:

Service-Learning and Field Experience Theoretical Framework

The use of field experience and service-learning in the Augsburg College teacher licensure program is based on a pedagogical model of knowledge and skill development developed at the college in the 1990’s. Selected courses requiring field experience will follow the Augsburg service-learning model. This model has been used by many colleges and universities around North America. Click here to read more about Augsburg’s S-L Integration Model. A web site with definitions, examples, forms, and resources is also available. It is called: Service-Learning: A Pre-Service Teacher’s Guide.

At several points within the licensure program, each student’s field experience is assessed and documented. This documentation becomes part of the licensure student’s file in the Education Department and are required for licensure.

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