Field Experience & Service-Learning

The Augsburg College Education Department and the State of Minnesota Board of Teaching require preservice teachers to engage in pre-student teaching activities in urban K-12 schools. These experiences are an important part of preparing licensure students for the rigors of full-time K-12 teaching.

The use of service-learning in the Augsburg College teacher licensure program is based on a pedagogical model of knowledge and skill development developed at the college in the 1990’s. Selected courses requiring field experience will follow the Augsburg service-learning model. This model has been used by many colleges and universities around North America. Click here to read more about Augsburg’s S-L Integration Model. A web site with definitions, examples, forms, and resources is also available. It is called: Service-Learning: A Pre-Service Teacher’s Guide.

At several points within the licensure program, each student’s field experience is assessed and documented. This documentation becomes part of the licensure student’s file in the Education Department and are required for licensure.

Field Experience Placement Registration 

In order to receive credit for your field placement, you will need to register your field placement with the education department through Tk20.

Once you have secured your field placement location, please follow the steps below to register your placement.

1.  Be sure you have the following information before logging into Tk20:

  • Host teacher name (Please verify spelling)
  • Host teacher email
  • School name
  • School address
  • The name of the school district (if applicable)
  • The grade level(s) of the students with whom you will be working.
  • The subject area of your field placement classroom.

2.  Look up school demographics:

The registration form in Tk20 will ask you to provide the percent of:

  • Non-white students
  • Students receiving free or reduced lunch
  • Students receiving special education services
  • English learners

The Minnesota Report Card page on the Department of Education website allows you to easily access this information.  The school address is also available on this site.

3.  Log in to Tk20

Your Augnet username and password are also your Tk20 password.

4.  Fill out the Field Placement Registration Form:

A link to this form will appear on your home screen under “Pending Tasks.”  You can also find the page by clicking on the courses tab, choosing the course with a field placement, and then clicking on the “activities” tab.

Filling out the form is more or less intuitive, but we have provided clear step-by-step directions for completing this form in Tk20 below.  Please refer to this form, especially if this is the first time you have worked in Tk20.

We have also created a short screencast that will allow you to see the process of filling out the registration form.

5.  If you need help:

Cari Maguire is the department’s main contact for help with Tk20.  Email her at <> if you have questions.

The technology desk can also provide some assistance with Tk20.  You can reach the tech desk at 612-330-1400 or 877-387-9930.

Please do not call the help desk or email Cari Maguire for assistance unless you have first reviewed the step-by-step directions and screencast linked here.

Other Field Placement Forms and Information

The following forms may be used in conjunction with these field experience and service-learning placements:

Field Experience Evaluation Forms:

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