K-12 Specialty Areas: Art, Music, Physical Education, ESL

Augsburg University offers a licensure program in K-12 education. It is approved by the Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board. The department also works with students who want to teach in other states or countries.

Licensure is available in the specialty areas of Art, Music, Physical Education and ESL. These programs lead to a license qualifying holders to teach throughout the entire K-12 grade range.

These licenses are administered jointly by the secondary education program and the three academic majors. Students have advisers in both the Education Department and in the area of their academic major.

Course Descriptions:
Go to the Augsburg University Online Course Catalog for descriptions of specific courses in our licensure programs.

Program Standards:
Earning a Minnesota teaching certificate is not merely course-based. Students demonstrate their possession of rigorous outcome-based professional standards by completing a program portfolio as they progress through the Education Department coursework. Students are advanced to student teaching placements only after a favorable review of their readiness based on portfolio documentation.