MAE Students

Designed as a reference for Master of Arts in Education (MAE) students.

Dr. Jason Lukasik, MAE Program Director

Caren Custer, MAE Program Coordinator

Pre-First Term Preparation

Activate your AugNet account

Review Team ME diagram. MAE students are accountable for processing and managing a large volume of information. Think of this diagram to be a Team “ME” Line Up card. These are the key players that will provide assistance as you navigate licensure coursework, student teaching, and completing your master’s degree.

Watch helpful videos to help orientate you to functions of your AugNet account, such topics as:

Activate AugNet | Class Location & Time | Emergency Notifications | Find Assigned Books | Find My Adviser | Find My Grades | Finding Moodle | Holds on Account | Parking Permit | Track Financial Aid | Tuition Statement

Learn about Field Experience (FE) requirements. Each class with field experience hours has a downloadable information page with the number of required hours and learning objectives of the placement.

First Term

Budget $100 for one-time Tk20 fee (charged to student account). Tk20 is the education department-specific database where field experience (FE) placements are registered; FE hours are logged; also where teachers candidates apply to student teach.

Minnesota NES Essential Academic Skills Tests. Plan to take these tests (Reading, Writing, and Math) during the first six (6) weeks of the fall or spring term.

For more details about these tests, please visit Pearson’s MTLE website.

*Please note, the pedagogy and content tests remain the MTLE (Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations).

Complete the Admission to License Program Process. The Augsburg University Education Department requires prospective K-12 teacher candidates to apply to the licensure program. This process includes:

  • Completing an application in Tk20
  • Taking Basic Skills Test
  • Obtaining the recommendation from an Augsburg faculty member
  • Meeting with your assigned education faculty adviser

Find detailed information to complete this process.

**Wondering if you’ve been accepted into the licensure program? Log into your Tk20 account. Status updates provided on right-hand side of screen. The good to go message is refers to full department admittance and has Cheryl Sticha’s name. No email confirmation is sent.**

Each Successive Term

Academic Calendar. Review the Academic Calendar each term. This resources lists the face-to-face meeting of classes. In addition, it also details important dates like drop/add dates; deadlines to change grading options; and registration dates for following term(s).

Registration – Save the Date. Mark your calendar for when your next registration window opens.

Registration. Find instructions about how to register. The presence of a hold on an account will prevent registration. Wondering how to monitor for holds? Watch the video on that subject.

Field ExperienceBe sure to register each Field Experience (FE) placement, and then log hours.

Keep Informed. Read each installment of the Education Department Newsletter. If you’re a currently registered student and not receiving email notifications about the release of each installment, please contact Caren Custer via email:

Student Teaching

PLEASE NOTE: all teacher candidates must apply to student teach in the term prior to when they will actually be in the classroom (early fall term for teaching in spring; early spring term when teaching the following fall). Learn more about the expectations of student teaching.

Degree Completion

Students in the program earn a Master of Arts in Education (MAE) degree through a combination of graduate licensure coursework and degree completion courses. The MAE program theme – teacher as developing professional: from classroom decision-maker to educational leader is the foundation for this final phase of study. To gain a deeper perspective on leadership, MAE students take courses from the Master of Arts in Leadership (ML) program, and complete their degree with a research-based final project in the Education Department.

Degree Completion Policy Handbook. A reference for the policies and requirements of the degree completion phase.

Apply to degree completion phase. Application is required for all those wishing to enter the degree completion phase for the MAE degree.

Graduation & Commencement

It’s important to not conflate graduation and commencement.

Graduation. An MAE student is considered to have graduated upon successful completion of all degree requirements.



+ Degree Completion Courses + Degree Completion Coursework Requirements* = GRADUATED

MAE students are not required to ‘apply’ to graduate. Once requirements are met the program director will submit a formal letter to the Registrar’s Office requesting posting of degree to transcript.

  • Performance Assessment: After successful completion of EDC 594

NOTE: Students earn a license to teach a specific subject and or specific grades (e.g. K-6 Elementary); whereas, the degree itself is the same for all students regardless of license the Master of Arts in Education.

Commencement. Refers to the ceremony itself, officiated by the president of Augsburg. You the student will dress in a robe, hood, and cap, and family and friends in attendance will take a multitude of photos. And then there should be cake, lots of cake!

Learn more about the upcoming Commencement program

Graduation vs. Commencement Guide