Graduate Students

Designed as a reference for students in the Graduate Programs in Education.

Graduate Programs in Education Contacts

Dr. Jason Lukasik, Graduate Programs in Education Director

Kaycee Rogers, Rochester Education Department Coordinator

Caren Custer, Program Coordinator, Graduate Programs in Education

Graduate Program Notification-Request Form

Students enrolled in the Graduate Programs in Education should use this online form to notify the Graduate Program of important status changes like: taking a term off, changing licensure concentration, taking a course elsewhere, and graduation eligibility. This should also be used to submit requests to re-evaluate coursework, make a program modification, or petition to take a course while student teaching.

Notification-Request Form

Licensure Informational Sheets

Informational sheets are meant to be a reference for graduate students pursuing initial licensure with the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), or additional licensure with the Master of Arts in Education (MAE).

Graduate Licensure Informational Sheets reference

Pre-Approved Course Substitutions

Graduate students may take pre-approved courses at local community colleges in order to reduce the time to completion and/or cost to completion of licensure. Use the linked Google sheets document to identify pre-approved courses, by licensure concentration.

This Google sheets document has been created specifically for graduate students seeking licensure. These are pre-approved course substitutions since graduate students don’t require the transfer of credits. Undergraduate students should NOT use this as a reference and instead should consult with Academic Advising or their Education Department advisor.

Graduate Program Approved Substitutions reference

Licensure Exams

ELEM, ESL, SPED: Take both sets of exams (Content and Pedagogy) after licensure courses complete, but before student teaching.

Secondary: Take the Content exams as soon possible after completing required content courses. Take the Pedagogy exams after completion of the education-specific licensure courses, but before student teaching.

Remember: These exams are completely the responsibility of licensure candidate. They are completed outside of Augsburg classroom time. It is important to budget for exam fees. Google “MTLE” to find the Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations webpage.

Find your required Content and Pedagogy exams: Licensure Exams Reference

Degree Completion

Students wishing to complete the master’s degree should contact the Program Coordinator. Contact information at top of this webpage.