Education Department Newsletter, September 30, 2016

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■  Study Education and Psychology in Slovenia, May 2017: Examine the roots of both educational and psychological practices that shaped European culture in beautiful Ljubljana, Slovenia. As part of this May 2017 travel program, you will also experience Roman ruins in Croatia and the canals of Venice, Italy.

For more information, visit <>
To apply, go to <>.

More information about the trip may be obtained by contacting professors Joseph Erickson <> or Stacy Freiheit at <>.

New  Progressive Conference Set for November 7th: Prairie Creek Community School is hosting an all-day conference on November 7, 2016 for educators, pre-service teachers, and administrators who are seeking innovative child-centered practices for their classrooms and schools. Prairie Creek Community School is a public, elementary charter school located in Castle Rock, Minnesota. The event will feature a panel of experts in the area of social justice including Julie Landsman (author of several books on race) and Anita Chikkatur (Carleton prof who specialized in multicultural education). The conference website is open for registration <>.

NewBecome an AVID Tutor in MPS: Interested in part-time work with learners in Minneapolis schools? AVID Tutors are positive role models passionate about helping students reach their potential. AVID in Minneapolis Public Schools is a class for 6-12 grade students designed to close the achievement gap while preparing students for college. Tutorials are an integral part of an AVID classroom and a unique learning experience. Tutors facilitate small collaborative groups of students who utilize a process of inquiry for problem solving. For more information or to apply:

<>. Questions:


■ Several Updates Regarding Minnesota BOT Testing:

• The Minnesota Board of Teaching (BOT) no longer requires the ACT/SAT/GRE/Praxis I scores be taken within the past 10 years.  There is currently no time limit.  Keep in mind that the ACT scores must be the ACT Plus Writing which started around February 2005.

SAT recently changed the way they score their tests.  The new scores (and old) can be found on the link to the MN Board of Teaching website: <>.

•Minnesota Version of NES Now Available: As of August 30th, candidates are now able to sign up for the MN NES exam directly through the MTLE website by using this link:


• The passing score for the MN NES is 520 for all three tests (Reading, Writing and Math):

MN NES EAS Subtest Passing Score (on a 400–600 point scale)




The test is exactly the same as the National NES exam, it’s just that MN candidates are given 15 extra minutes of time.  Because of the extra time, the score rating had to be adjusted.  The same number of correct raw scores needed to pass is exactly the same on both tests.  The National NES exam is based on a 100-300 point scale and the MN NES is based on a 400-600 point scale. The MN NES scores will be available to view in Results Analyzer starting with the October 7th reporting date.

NOTE:  If candidates sign up and take the National NES exam after August 30th, they will accept the scores if they met the minimum passing score:

NES EAS Subtest Passing Score (on a 100–300 point scale)




Also, if a candidate has taken and passed a portion of the MTLE basic skills, they need to register and complete ONLY the portion they have not passed of that basic skills test through NES.  They do not need to complete the whole series of Reading, Writing and Math over unless they did not pass all portions.

A listing of all licensure exam minimum passing scores can be found on the Board of Teaching website at:


• Free study materials will be available for all MTLE test. There are also expanded test preparation products available for cost. Additional information can be found on their website using this link:


Pearson has also expanded their customer service hours to M-F 7AM-7PM and Sat from 8AM-4PM.

For questions and more information, please contact:

Debby Odell, Educator Licensing, Supervisor <> or (651) 582-8522.

■ Education Department Office is Also Open Certain Non-Business Hours:

• Tuesday and Thursday until 6 p.m. every week.

Turn things in; pick things up; leave messages or materials for faculty; check your department file – we are here for you.

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