The Augsburg University Education Department commits itself to developing future educational leaders who foster student learning and well-being by being knowledgeable in their fields, being capable in pedagogy, being ethical in practice, nurturing self-worth, embracing diversity, thinking reflectively, and collaborating effectively.

The university also maintains a separate departmental website that includes faculty profiles, a course catalog, and program requirements. Click here to access the website containing faculty profiles.

EAST Program Information: The EAST program has been launched and is now accepting applications. This program specifically targets East African future teachers: East African Student to Teacher (EAST). The goal of the program is to recruit, retain, and license highly qualified East African students who wish to become K-12 teachers. EAST awards may be up to $12,000 per student per year.

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Department of Education Student Policy Handbook

The Department of Education policies contained in this Student Handbook do not exhaust the rules and policies of Augsburg University. The policies contained herein represent those most pertinent to your career goals as a future teacher. As a teacher candidate working with peers, students, teachers, parents, administrators, school support staff, and others in classrooms, professional meetings, and community settings, you will engage as a professional in a wide variety of contexts on campus and in the community. As a teacher candidate entering the teaching profession, you will be expected to engage in professional conduct and assume a number of professional obligations. Most important, teacher candidates should show respect for the university and department mission and strive to enact the role of a professional in a diverse and dynamic world.

Student Policy Handbook


University Policies

Entry into the Licensure Program

Licensure Programs

Teacher Candidate Professional Assessment and Support System (PASS)

Grades and Grade Point Average Requirements

Key Assessments

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Field Experience Requirements

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State Testing Requirements

Licensure Application Procedure