New Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources:

New Faculty A-Z Guide to Augsburg

Expectations for Augsburg Faculty Members

New Faculty Guide to Service, Citizenship, and Shared Governance

Student Resource Guides:

Support and Resources at Augsburg (brief)

Student Referral Guide (long)

Diversity & Inclusion Staff Contacts

TRIO/SSS Brochure

Gage Center Brochure

Human Resources:

Augsburg Employee Perks

HR Benefits Handouts


Student Education Privacy Rights (FERPA)

FERPA for Faculty

Required Reporting Timeline (2017-18)

On Supporting Students:

15 Suggestions for Improving Access

Faculty Guide to Students with Disabilities (FAQ)

Case Studies with Action Steps

CLASS Office Presentation Slides (2017)

Presentation Slides from NFO 2016:

CLASS Office Presentation Slides (2016)

Teaching at Augsburg: Why You are So Important to Our Students


Avoiding Burnout: Self-Care Strategies for Faculty

Testing What You’re Teaching Without Teaching to the Test

Supporting Transgender Students in the Classroom

Other resource pages on the CTL website:

Augsburg Resources and Support

Teaching Tips and Resources