Moodle, Online Teaching, and Technology Resources

E-Learning Team

Augsburg’s e-learning team is available to assist instructors in learning to use Moodle, designing their courses, converting f2f assignments to online activities, and setting up their gradebook. Instructors should feel free to contact them whenever they need help.

Faculty Moodle Resources (FMR)

The Faculty Moodle Resources site is an excellent resource to help instructors design and manage their Moodle courses. It has strategies for teaching with Moodle and numerous links to “how-to” tip-sheets and brief video tutorials.

Accessibility & Inclusion Moodle Course Site Checklist

Moodle Help on Knowledgebase

Members of the E-Learning team maintain dozens of helpful articles on Knowledgebase about using Moodle. Click here to see an index of published articles.

Moodle 101 and 102

Moodle 101 & 102 are self-paced courses intended to familiarize instructors with Moodle and some best practices of online course design and delivery.

Moodle Template

The Moodle hybrid template (a pre-formatted pattern that incorporates online course design best-practices) is recommended for use by all hybrid instructors. The template includes a generic course outline that delineates on-campus and online sessions as well as resources useful to all AU and WEC students (e.g., information about how to access technical help, etc). The hybrid template is intended as a time-saver for instructors, but it also ensures consistency in course design to reduce unnecessary structural stress for students.

Moodle Huddles

The e-learning team and CTL schedule a number of general (open to all faculty) and departmental (targeting specific disciplines) workshops throughout the academic year to assist faculty in maximizing their effectiveness in utilizing Moodle in their hybrid courses. Huddles showcase tools and strategies for engaging students in learning as well as streamlining course management. Announcements of upcoming events are announced in the daily A-mail.

Online Teaching Pedagogy

This Summary of Research on Faculty Development in Online and Hybrid Teaching, compiled by the E-Learning Team, presents a wealth of information about the difference between online and face-to-face teaching and how faculty can successfully manage the transition.

Miscellaneous Tips

Moodle Time-Saving Strategies

Import the Moodle Template, a blueprint that includes resources useful to students

Import a Previous Course in Moodle with the Faculty Archive Block

Use CLEAN design (Consistent, Linking, Engaging, Accessible Navigation) for a more streamlined look for your Moodle course

Set moodle forums to “digest to reduce clutter in your email inbox

Tips for iPad Users:

Download and install SwiftKey. It replaces the standard Apple keyboard with a smart alternative that uses both Artificial Intelligence algorithms and your personal typing history to more accurately predict your typing preferences. In general, research suggests it can reduce as many as 50% of your keystrokes. You will soon find that SwiftKey will anticipate entire sentences making it possible to write lengthy text passages with only a few keystrokes. (Note that this utility also works on Android devices and is free.)

In iOS 9, the keyboard just got a lot more useful. When trying to insert and highlight text, just touch the keyboard with two fingers and the keyboard transforms into a trackpad. This is much more accurate and flexible than the “bubble.”