Course Evaluations

Augsburg College provides students the opportunity to provide feedback on the instructor of the course, the course itself, and instructional materials. The form is broken into 5 sections with 29 questions total. The first 4 sections are scaled questions with comment sections and the last 7 questions are open-ended and demographic information.

Sample of the current form (2005-2017)


  • Course evaluations are delivered online to all courses having 3 or more students with some exceptions.
  • All courses are evaluated every term. Evaluations are generally opened 2 weeks before the end of the course and remain open during finals week.  The total time available is close to 2.5 weeks.
  • All course evaluations are anonymous.
  • Results are available online to faculty after the grade submittal deadline has passed.

Help and Information

For detailed information on viewing and interpreting course evaluations, visit the Course Evaluations section of the Knowledge Base