Hybrid Learning

Implementing TFAPS recommendations will require significant redesign of most of our curricula and courses, especially those in the graduate, weekend, and Rochester programs. This also represents a tremendous opportunity to rethink our programs and make sure we are keeping our promise to provide “an educational experience like no other.”

All faculty are invited to participate in two workshops offered by CTL and IT to support weekend and graduate faculty who are creating “hybrid” courses for 2013-14. If you are satisfied with the basic design of your courses, you only need to participate in the Moodle Labs to learn best practices for online learning and how to meet GAAC/AAC requirements for hybrid learning.

If you would like to improve the underlying design of your courses, you will also benefit from the Integrated Course Design Workshop.

Prerequisite: Please watch the screencasts in the Overview section of the Course Design Support Site at http://go.augsburg.edu/cdss before coming to these sessions. One explains the Moodle template and the other introduces the Course Design Support site.

Moodle Lab for Hybrid Learning

The Moodle Labs are designed to introduce basic course materials to include on your Moodle site and a template for beginning to develop your site. You will be set up in a “sandbox” to begin developing your course using the template. This is a hands-on lab in which you will actually work on your site (i.e., sandbox) with assistance from CTL consultants. You may come and go as you please, and are invited to attend as many of these as you like.  They are offered weekly and are announced in the daily Amail.


Integrated Course Design Workshop

The Integrated Course Design Workshop is a hands-on workshop that explores Fink’s model for course design, which integrates situational factors, learning goals, learning activities, and assessment. It addresses how to choose face-to-face and online activities to create an engaged learning community, provide direct instruction, and facilitate active, collaborative learning.

Upcoming sessions:

This workshop can also be scheduled on a departmental or program basis by contacting ctl@augsburg.edu

Additional Support

CTL and IT also offer the following forms of support:

Moodle Template at http://go.augsburg.edu/hybridtemp for developing your course in accordance with GAAC/AAC requirements. When you attend a Moodle Lab or submit a request to your LFC, you will be set up in a “sandbox” that includes the template, so you can begin developing your course. The sandbox can be imported into your 2013-14 course, when those are available.

Course Design Support Site at http://go.augsburg.edu/cdss to provide additional detail and examples for Moodle applications. The transition team will continue to update this site, adding examples that may stimulate ideas for your courses.

Moodle Huddle Sessions at http://inside.augsburg.edu/it/moodehuddle/ include Adobe Connect presentations regarding key Moodle features. These presentations were given by LFCs in a workshop setting during Fall 2013.

IT Knowledge Base at http://go.augsburg.edu/augkb has a growing list of articles about common questions.

Teaching and Technology Tapas to showcase a variety of technologies that you can use in your work. Tapas are small plates of delicious food which can be eaten as appetizers or combined to form a meal shared with friends. Similarly, Teaching and Technology Tapas are tasty bite-sized technology tips presented by several IT staff in 3 to 5 minute segments. These are scheduled for 11:30-12:30 PM in the Riverside Room. during First Wednesdays Gathering.

Sloan-C Online Workshops on Online and Hybrid Course Design
Workshop seats are available to faculty who want to expand their knowledge and skills in online or hybrid course design through the Sloan Consortium. Workshops are completely online and typically run a week. Expect to participate online every day. This gives you an authentic experience as an online learner. To participate, complete the following steps:

  1. Review the 2013 workshop schedule at http://sloanconsortium.org/workshops/2013schedule.
  2. Once you find a workshop you wish to take, contact ctl@augsburg.edu to receive the coupon code.
  3. Go to the workshop list at http://sloanconsortium.org/institute/workshops/2013/upcoming-by-date and select the workshop.
  4. Click “Add to Cart” to select the workshop. Then click “Checkout” to begin the purchase.
  5. You will need to register for an account with Sloan-C to purchase the workshop.
  6. When on the payment screen, enter the “Coupon Code” you received from CTL. This will make the price $0.
  7. Then check out to complete registration