2014-2015 Grant Recipients

Congratulations to the following recipients of 2014-2015 grants!


Internationalization Grants

Stu Stoller – Karlsruhe Germany

Nancy Rodenborg, Bibiana Koh, and Christina Erickson – Cuernavaca Mexico

Annie Heiderscheit – CGE site in Namibia


Summer Scholarship Grants

Joseph Towle – “Sunny Places for Shady People: Contemporary Mexican Detective and Crime Fiction” ($4,000 Grant)

Adriane Brown – “Up for Debate: Feminist Principles and Sexist Practices in the High School Policy Debate Community” ($4,000 grant)

Russell Kleckley – “The Mathematician and the Theologian: Johannes Kepler and Matthias Hafenreffer at the Crossroads of Early Modern Religion, Science, and Politics” ($2,000 grant)

Pavel Belik – “Investigation of the Mathematics of Tornadic Flows” ($2,000 grant)

Tim Pippert – “People Don’t Wave Anymore: The Price Local Communities Pay when Big Oil Comes to Town” ($2,000 grant)

Ankita Deka – “South Asian Health Resources: A Tool-kit for Community Health” ($2,000 grant)

Nancy Rodenborg – “Intergroup Dialogue Pedagogy: Cultural Competency and Social Justice Education” ($2,000 grant)


Integrated Course Design Grants

Music Department Working Group (Jill Dawe, Doug Diamond, Peter Hendrickson, and Sonja Thompson).

-The group will work on a re-design of the core curriculum for music majors.

Sarah Combellick-Bidney – Redesign of POL 170, Law in the United States

Hans Wiersma – Redesign of REL 100, Vocation and the Search for Meaning I

Stu Anderson – PHY 119, Physics for the Fine Arts