Wednesday, October 10, 2018 | EDTalk with Joaquin Munoz | Radical Kinship in Education: The Art of Connection

A brief exploration of the notion of connection and kinship in the classroom, as explored through the work of power, love, and relationship. This talk will offer philosophy of relationship, connecting and building community. Among the philosophy offered is that of Boyle, King, Jr., van Gogh and hooks.

November 7, 2018 | EdTalk with Katie Bishop | How Class Matters at Augsburg

 A discussion of the impact of class status for students navigating higher education.  The talk will focus on specific student outcomes and offer suggestions for supporting students in the classroom.

“How Class Matters at Augsburg” Recording

December 5, 2018 | EDTalk with John Zobitz | Data Visualization as an Ethical Act

Data visualization is not a new concept, but in today’s data-rich world we rely on visualization to make meaningful connections to our professional work and personal lives. How do we discern the intent and intentionality of a data visualization?  This presentation will showcase visualizations spanning from the 19th century to today and beyond.

“Data Visualization as an Ethical Act” Recording

Wednesday, January 23, 2019 | EDTalk with Tamarah Gehlen | Trauma & Learning Styles in the Classroom

This talk features information to help attendees understand the impact of chronic stress and traumatic experiences on learning and cognition. Attendees will learn simple ways to implement trauma-informed practices into their classrooms and teaching styles in order to enhance connection and learning for the students that they serve.

“Trauma & Learning Styles in the Classroom” Recording

Wednesday, March 13, 2019 | EDTalk with Diane Pike | Long Live the Lecture!

Everyone talks in class and doing so as effectively as possible is important. Focusing on interactive lecture pedagogy, this session introduces rationale for paying attention to lecture style and strategies for making it work.

“Long Live the Lecture!” Recording

Wednesday, April 17 | EDTalk with Jenny Kluznik | How PAs Think: A Glimpse Into PA Education

The physician assistant (PA) profession often is listed as a top job to have in the US, but roles in healthcare are rewarding and challenging at the same time. Come take a glimpse into how students are trained within PA education to step into the role of health provider, advocate, and leader.

“How PA’s Think” Recording