The purpose of the Center for Teaching and Learning is to provide support and development opportunities to enable Augsburg faculty, staff, and leadership to co-create “an educational experience like no other.”

Upcoming Events

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Adjunct Workshop Stipends

Adjunct instructors are eligible to receive a $50 stipend for attending selected workshops. Attendance is not always communicated to CTL and stipends are not processed automatically. Please email ctl@augsburg.edu to ensure that your attendance was noted and the stipend will be processed. Workshops for which adjuncts may receive a stipend are noted below.

April 2017

Thursday, April 27 | Faculty Recognition Luncheon and Faculty Scholarship Display | 11:45-2:00pm, Foss Atrium and Chapel

Join us for the Faculty Scholarship Display on Thursday, April 27 from 11:45am to 12:30pm in the Foss Atrium. Faculty interested in displaying their scholarship should RSVP in advance of the event (and no later than April 20th) here. Questions may directed to Bibiana Koh (koh@augsburg.edu) or Nishesh Chalise (chalise@augsburg.edu). All participating faculty should arrive by 11:15 am to set up.

The faculty recognition luncheon and program begins in the chapel at 12:30.

May 2017

Tuesday, May 2 | Faculty Diversity and Inclusion Institute | 8:45am-3:00pm, OGC 113

The May 2017 Faculty Diversity and Inclusion Institute will concentrate on select foundational principles of creating more inclusive classrooms and interactions by focusing on improving communication and conflict resolution across cultures and by improving the success of all students through culturally responsive teaching across majors.

● The Institute will be divided into a morning session and an afternoon session.
● Breakfast and lunch will be provided.
● Institute will be led by a faculty/staff collaboration.
● There are only 36 spaces available for the Institute and participants must register by using the link below. (A waiting list will be instituted if registration surpasses 36 participants.)
● Participation in the Institute counts towards a Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program requirement.
● If you have attended the Intercultural Conflict Styles Workshop, some information during the Institute may be repeated.

Register for the May 2017 Faculty Diversity and Inclusion Institute here.

Questions concerning the Institute should be directed to diversity@augsburg.edu.

** Adjunct instructors who attend this event are eligible for a $50 stipend. Contact ctl@augsburg.edu to ensure that your attendance was noted! **

Wednesday, May 3 | All About Bias | 10:0am-11:30am, Marshall Room

“All About Bias” is a hybrid, group-format e-learning workshop that provides an introduction to understanding and responding to unconscious bias in any workplace setting or interaction. Relevant to employees of all levels, participation in this workshop can positively impact all aspects of an organization. This workshop explores the hidden and pervasive nature of unconscious bias – how it works in the human brain, how it can impact workplace interactions and decisions, and how individuals can respond when they encounter it in themselves. Note: This workshop should be taken prior to “From Microinequities to Inclusion” if possible. Register for All About Bias here.

For more information about this workshop, contact Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Initiatives Staff at diversity@augsburg.edu.

** Adjunct instructors who attend this event are eligible for a $50 stipend. Contact ctl@augsburg.edu to ensure that your attendance was noted! **

Thursday, May 4 | All Hands Planning Summit | 8:30-12:00pm, Si Melby Gymnasium

See the All Hands page on Inside Augsburg for more information.

Monday, May 8 | Creating an Inclusive Campus Workshop | 9:00-1:30pm, Chapel and OGC First Floor

The Creating an Inclusive Campus (CIC) Workshop is offered as part of Augsburg’s on-going college mission commitment to “intentional diversity in our life and work.” The goals of the workshop are to provide faculty and staff participants with the opportunity for continued growth in personal intercultural competence and to build skills necessary for creating an inclusive campus community.

The title of the 2017 CIC workshop is “Supporting Our Students in Turbulent Times: Civic Engagement and Nonviolent Philosophy in Higher Education.”

This half day workshop will engage participants in exploring the history, philosophy and skills needed to promote a deep commitment to civic engagement, democratic principles and pedagogy in the classroom and broader community. 

Lunch will be included – please click here to submit your RSVP for the Creating an Inclusive Campus Conference.

Co-sponsored by the Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Committee, CTL & the Sabo Center.

** Adjunct instructors who attend this event are eligible for a $50 stipend. Contact ctl@augsburg.edu to ensure that your attendance was noted! **

Tuesday, May 9 | A Roundtable Discussion on Supporting Student Research and Creative Activity | 9:00-10:15am, OGC 113

Please join us on a Monday morning in May for a roundtable discussion about the joys, challenges, and rewards in working with student researchers. Dixie Shafer (URGO) and Tina Maria Tavera (McNair) will join “frequent flyer faculty mentors” with experience mentoring URGO and/or McNair student researchers. You won’t want to miss this informative and enlightening discussion!

A coffee break will immediately follow this session outside Old Main 107, from 10:15 to 10:45.

Tuesday, May 9 | Making Good Connections: Teaching via Interactive Video Conferencing | 10:45-12:00, Old Main 107

As Augsburg expands its use of Interactive Video Conferencing (IVC) to connect students in Rochester (and elsewhere) to face-to-face (f2f) classrooms on the Minneapolis campus, it is important to recognize the significant adjustments required to teach effectively in this modality. In this workshop, Joyce Miller and Katie Clark (who have had years of experience teaching IVC Nursing courses) as well as the E-Learning team share the skills needed (e.g., facility with audio/video technology, modified presentation techniques, innovative strategies for active participation, and modifications to course content for effective video conference delivery) to provide a quality synchronous learning experience for students in multiple locations.

A coffee break will immediately precede this session outside Old Main 107, from 10:15 to 10:45.

Tuesday, May 9 | Environmental Sustainability and Wellness in Your Curriculum: Activities for the Student Learning Outcome | 12:30-3:00, OGC 113

In this workshop we hope to widen the circle of those involved in teaching activities related to Environmental Sustainability and Wellness. Based on the nationally recognized Ponderosa/Piedmont model, participants will engage in stimulating discussion and begin developing learning activities that meet our college wide student-learning outcome. Join us for lunch and an opportunity to learn more about incorporating sustainability and wellness across our academic disciplines.

Lunch included – please click here to RSVP for the Environmental Sustainability and Wellness workshop.

Wednesday, May 10 | Creating Documents Accessible to Everyone. It’s Not Just a Good Idea, It’s the Law! | 9:00-10:15, Sverdrup 201

Creating accessible documents is not only a good idea to ensure all students, faculty, staff, and visitors to our campus have equal access, but as a result of  recent changes in the legal world, it’s now the law for us to do so on our campus too. We all have the ability to make our documents accessible to everyone, once we know how to do it. In this session, we’ll go over how to create accessible Microsoft Word and Google Docs. We’ll provide easy steps to create these documents, provide resources for accessible document creation, and feature tools to help check if you are on the right track. In addition, we’ll talk about how to make your Moodle courses accessible as well. Bring a document or Moodle site, and your computer. At the end of the session we will have work time practice these skills.

A coffee break will immediately follow this session in OGC 113, from 10:15 to 10:45.

Wednesday, May 10 | Exploring the Possibilities of Virtual Reality and 360* Video | 10:45-12:00, OGC 113

Virtual Reality (VR) can be a valuable classroom tool.  You can take fieldtrips to places real and imaginary, participate in simulations, and see things from unique perspectives.  Come to this informational session on using VR in the classroom. We will have a few viewers for folks to try out and lots of resources for you to explore. 

A coffee break will immediately precede this session in OGC 113, from 10:15 to 10:45.

Wednesday, May 10 | Building Resilience in Students with Mental Health and Substance Use Challenges | 12:30-2:00, OGC 113

Students with mental health and substance use diagnoses bring special challenges as well as special strengths to the educational process.  This presentation will discuss ways to tap into students’ strengths and help students to make the most of their recovery-related skills in and out of the classroom.

Thursday, May 11 | Open Faculty Discussion: Interpreting and Reflecting on Student Feedback | 9:00-10:15, OGC 113

In this faculty-led discussion, we will have a chance to reflect on student feedback from the student inclusion survey and the document on professor expectations introduced by current student, BK Kormah. Come share your insights, interpretations, and plans for action regarding what we have learned from our students.

A coffee break will immediately follow this session outside OGC 113, from 10:15 to 10:45.

Thursday, May 11 | Classroom Management Strategies to Engage Today’s Student: A Roundtable Discussion | 10:45-12:00, OGC 113

Have you noticed a change in learning styles in the last few years?  Have you been experimenting with new delivery and classroom management techniques that can more successfully meet the needs of today’s learners?  Would you like to?   The goal of this workshop is to create a space where we can come together to share concerns, ask questions and hear what our colleagues are doing to encourage students to stay focused and engaged in the lesson each class period.  Whether you have a bag full of good ideas or are looking for inspiration, all are invited to participate in this sharing session.

A coffee break will immediately precede this session outside OGC 113, from 10:15 to 10:45.

Thursday, May 11 | CTP Portfolio Workshop | 1:00-4:30, OGC 200

This tenure and review portfolio workshop is intended to help faculty prepare for Third-Year, Tenure, Promotion, and other scheduled reviews, with special focus on ways to demonstrate effective teaching at Augsburg. Faculty will share pragmatic advice about the process and purpose of review, interpretations of the expectations by level of review, and ideas and examples for writing a personal statement, building a portfolio, and organizing materials on Moodle. Bring your questions and come prepared to participate actively in reflection and discussion about our work as faculty at Augsburg.  All faculty are welcome, with a special invitation for faculty up for a scheduled review in 2017-18 or 2018-19.

Thursday, May 11 | Open Discussion (Happy Hour) on Academic Freedom | 4:30-?, Viking Bar

Faculty and staff, you are invited to end “Four Days in May” and the start of summer at the Viking Bar on Riverside. CTL can’t buy you a drink, but we can promise a lively conversation. Order something to sip, start a conversation on current threats toward academic freedom, and see where the afternoon goes from there!

Monday, May 15 | Institutional Assessment May Workshop | 9:00am-12:00pm, OGC 100

All faculty are invited to attend the May institutional assessment workshop where Assessment Committee members Ben Denkingerand Jenny Hanson will present the most recent data and lead discussion on the assessment of student learning at Augsburg.

Lunch is included – please click here to RSVP for the May assessment workshop!

Sunday, May 21 – Tuesday, May 23 | The Jessica Nathanson Scholarly Writing Retreat | Dunrovin Retreat Center, Marine on St. Croix, MN

Do you wish you had uninterrupted time to write / work on scholarship? If so, you will want to take advantage of the annual Jessica Nathanson Scholarly Writing Retreat. Jess established a tradition of allowing faculty and academic staff time away from campus to focus entirely on scholarship. There is no schedule for this retreat – it is simply time and space to work on scholarship. The Provost and the Center for Teaching and Learning will cover the cost of the retreat.  We ask that you commit to being present on all three days of the event.  Space is limited to full-time faculty members.  Sign-up by emailing ctl@augsburg.edu.

June 2017

Anti-Racist Pedagogy Across the Curriculum (ARPAC) Workshop | Dates TBA  | St. Cloud State University

ARPAC is an award-winning faculty development workshop which supports faculty to incorporate anti-racist pedagogy into their courses across disciplines, across campus. ARPAC is an innovative initiative that makes significant contributions to improve teaching and learning, and develops a campus community which is committed to anti-racism.
Visit the ARPAC 2016 webpage to learn more. Dates for the 2017 workshop will be promoted by CTL in the spring of 2017 – stay tuned.

Past Events