Online Ordering

Online Copy Request System Copy Request System Instruction Guide

The Copy Center keeps a stock of general Augsburg letterhead and envelopes on hand.  This includes letterhead, second sheets for letterhead, and envelopes in the following sizes: #10, #10 window, 6″x 9″, 9″x 12″ 10″x 13″, A-6 invitation and A-2 invitation.  Order all these items via the on-line copy request system; they can be picked up in the copy center or you may request delivery to your department, and will be charged to the cost center you provide.

Personalized for your department letterhead and envelopes are available for order on-line. These are custom printed and will take one to four weeks to receive.  The custom envelope order site was upgraded in March, 2016).  At your first visit to the new site, you will need to register yourself as a user, these instructions will show you how.