Central Services

What We Do

Central Services serves the college community by providing:

  • Copy and Print Finishing Services
  • Outsourcing Printing and Finishing as needed: include custom letterhead, envelopes, business cards, and name badges
  • Maintaining Campus Copiers, Printers, Supplies and Service
  • Shipping and Receiving of Parcels
  • Processing and Sorting of Incoming Mail
  • Processing Outgoing Mail and Mail Projects

Personal Services

Central Services may be used for personal needs as well as Augsburg College business. Residential students may have their parcels shipped to Augsburg. Students, staff and faculty can ship personal parcels, mail personal mail, buy stamps and envelopes for their personal mail, and request personal copy jobs. Should there be unusually high volume of campus business in these areas, personal business may take a lower priority.

Payment for Services

Augsburg business including outgoing mail and parcels, copy and print jobs, outsourced print jobs, etc. is charged to the requesting department through the accounting system.

Personal items may be paid for with cash, personal check, or VISA or MasterCard credit card or debit card used as a credit card. Charge purchases have a minimum of $2.00, and for your protection and ours, charges over $25.00 will require a photo ID matching your credit card.