Teaching and Learning Spaces

A.  Give a short identifying title (under 10 words) to this Action Project.

Investment in and improvement of College Teaching and Learning Spaces

B.  Describe the goal(s) of this Action Project (in 100 words or fewer).
To apply best practice by establishing design principles and applying them to the investment in new and existing classroom and other campus teaching and learning spaces to:
• Promote a spirit of excellence around our core mission of teaching and learning
• Support innovation in teaching and learning
• Provide more opportunity for faculty/student and student/student interaction outside the classroom
• Accommodate different types of teaching and learning with more flexible and adaptive classroom spaces
• Reinforce brand identity using consistent, high quality cues of comfort, flexibility and aesthetics

C.   Please identify the single AQIP Criterion which this Action Project will primarily affect :

Category 1: Helping Students Learn

D.  Please describe you institution’s rationale for addressing this Primary criterion at this time.  Why is this project and its goal(s) one of your “vital few”?

A new instructional design initiative around innovation in teaching and three new building projects underway creates an opportunity to rethink the use of teaching and learning spaces and apply best practice that incorporates new technologies and flexibility.

E.  List the organizational areas (or institutional departments and divisions) most affected.

Facilities management, Information Technology, Center for Teaching and Learning, Registrars’ Office and the Academic Affairs division.

F.  List and briefly describe the key organizational process(es) that you expect this Action Project to change or improve.

Space planning and allocation, budgeting for classroom improvement and maintenance, day-to-day as well as annual cycle maintenance of the classrooms, and faculty and student support/training.

G.  Explain the rationale for the length of time planned for this Action Project (from kickoff to target completion).

Two new buildings are being constructed currently and will be ready by Fall 2007. Therefore, this project would need to be complete by then.

H.  Describe how you plan to monitor how successfully your efforts on this Action Project are progressing.

• Monitor Utilization of classrooms (both scheduled and unscheduled)
• Document the percentage of classrooms and learning spaces that satisfy design principles
• Faculty and student satisfaction with teaching and learning spaces Establish benchmarks in these 3 areas.

I.  Describe the overall “outcome” measures or indicators that will tell you whether this Action Project has been a success or failure in achieving its goals.

Evaluate and inventory current teaching and learning spaces and apply design principles to new construction projects. Reorganize Classroom Services to provide leadership, advocacy and proactive support for Teaching and Learning Spaces. Establish and implement replacement cycle funding for existing teaching and learning spaces. Specifically:
• Assess current teaching spaces and inventory /rank areas to be upgraded
• Determine standards for both new construction and existing spaces
• Adopt Design Principles as an evolving document that will inform decision making when renovating or designing teaching and learning spaces
• Determine standards for renovation of informal learning spaces
• Determine budget to bring all formal teaching spaces up to minimum standards
• Plan for replacement cycle funding of technology in formal teaching spaces
• Plan for replacement cycle funding for furniture in formal teaching spaces
• Study traffic patterns to help determine informal learning spaces that could have high impact (department clusters, study spaces, lounges, hallways)
• Determine funding model for informal learning spaces
• Reshape support model around classroom support / services
• Implement organizational commitments to creating, sustaining and promoting excellent teaching and learning spaces
• Investigate ties to fundraising opportunities around existing spaces that need improvement

K.  Project Leader/Contact Person

First name:  David
Middle Initial:    P.
Last Name: Warch
Title: Director of IT Services
Email:   warch@augsburg.edu
Phone: 612-330-1482