About the Project

Assessment of Student Learning

Assessment of student learning at Augsburg College is an integral part of the ongoing process of enhancing and improving curricular and co-curricular student learning. It is informed by the College’s mission and vision statement.   Departments and programs in the Academic and Student Affairs Division determine student learning objectives and then systematically gather, document, analyze, and interpret evidence of student learning.   Assessment is one way that departments and programs affirm their strengths and plan improvements that contribute to the College’s overall effectiveness.


A summary and interpretation of the Spring 2005 Faculty/Staff responses to the Spring 2005 Assessment of Student Learning Survey can be found here. 2006 AQIP Action Project Update on Assessment of Student Learning.  Systems Portfolio for AQIP. The Portfolio includes a College Overview and nine chapters that address the AQIP categories:

  1. Helping Students Learn,
  2. Accomplishing Other Distinctive Objectives,
  3. Understanding Students’ and Other Stakeholders’ Needs,
  4. Valuing People,
  5. Leading and Communicating,
  6. Supporting Institutional Operations,
  7. Measuring Effectiveness,
  8. Planning Continuous Improvement, and
  9. Building Collaborative Relationship
  10. Link to AQIP folder on Augnet.

Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) folder on Augnet (internal use only)

This link directs you to the Assessment folder in the Orgs Augnet directory. It is accessible only to those who have an Augnet password.

Note: This link will not work for Mac users using Internet Explorer. Instead, Mac users should use Safari or Firefox to access this link. If you have access to no other browswer than Internet Explorer, you can access the plans by accessing the Augnet Org directory and going to the subfolder Committees >AQIP >public.

Assessment Director
Bridget Robinson-Riegler has been appointed to serve as the College’s Assessment Director.  In a plan approved by the Assessment Committee, Bridget will serve as an assessment consultant to the departments and programs in the Academic and Student Affairs Division.  She also will assist Barbara Edwards Farley in meeting the requirements of the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP).

Assessment Consultants
Doug Green
, Mike Schock, Su Doree, and Lois Olson have been appointed to serve as Assessment Consultants.  Their primary role will be to act as consultants to the Assessment Director in the following areas:  1) Humanities and Fine Arts, 2) Graduate and Professional Studies, 3) Natural Sciences and Mathematics and Social and Behavioral Sciences, and 4) Academic and Students Affairs curricular and co-curricular support programs.