Sesquicentennial Projects

These evocative projects will make the celebration of our Sesquicentennial a special year for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of Augsburg. They will reflect Augsburg’s mission, academic excellence, and community, showcasing scholarship, the arts, and other endeavors to highlight the University’s history and accomplishments. More information will be shared as these projects evolve.

Art by Augsburg Faculty

Lead: Kristin Anderson
From January to February 2020, Gage Family Art Gallery
and Christensen Center Gallery will display works by Augsburg art faculty, dating back to the origin of the department in the 1950s.

Auggie Political
Engagement: A History

Lead: Andy Aoki
Auggies are engaged citizens. Learn about the history of the
Augsburg community’s participation in politics and activism
through a video and a presentation tentatively scheduled for
Homecoming 2019.

Community Partnership

Lead: Nishesh Chalise, Elaine Eschenbacher,
and Mary L. True
This group will compile a book of case studies to document
the history of working with Cedar-Riverside neighbors, thinking
about where Augsburg is now, and forecasting what the
university and neighborhood will look like in the future. This
requires timely individual and team efforts and collaborative
thinking to describe the work, achievements, and challenges
people face. Potential authors have been identified and
meetings will explore each case study.

Cedar-Riverside Digital Tour 2.0

Lead: Jacqueline deVries
By setting up historical markers with USB codes in different
areas of the neighborhood, community members and students
will gain access to written and audio recorded material that highlights the neighborhood’s places and history. This group seeks several students to help problem-solve and make the project a success.

Auggie Athletics Highlights

Lead: Kelly Anderson Diercks
This group will create 25 videos to highlight significant figures,
programs, and milestones in Augsburg’s athletic history. Videos
will be scripted and recorded during Summer 2018. These
videos will be featured on scoreboards, webcasts, and at alumni
events in 2019.

History of Social Work at Augsburg

Lead: Christina Erickson
This project examines how social work has impacted Augsburg
and the surrounding community. It will provide a visual of
student accomplishments over the years.

Murphy Square 1975-2015

Lead: Doug Green
In honor of the Augsburg’s sesquicentennial, this anthology, selected and edited by English professor Doug Green with over forty students from four creative writing keystone classes (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019), will provide an overview of some of the best poetry and fiction by students from over 40 years of the university’s longest-running creative publication. The volume will be available both in print and online, so that selections can be shared digitally at university events, celebrations, and reunions. Publication by fall 2020.

Cataloguing Nordic Scores and
Chamber Music Concert

Lead: Merilee Klemp
More than 500 Nordic scores have not been catalogued. This
group will catalogue these scores over the next 18 months and
host a chamber music concert in October 2019.

Documentary Featuring Augsburg’s
Work on Community Engagement
and Vocation

Lead: Mark Lester
This group will create a video documentary using self-interviews
to show the contributions of the Center for Global Education
and Experience to Augsburg’s history and development. This
yearlong project runs until June 2019.

Caring in the Margins: A History of
Augsburg’s Department of Nursing

Lead: Dr. Joyce Miller, Dr. Katie Clark,
and Dr. Kaija Freborg
This project will compile the accomplishments and progress
of Augsburg’s nursing program to make available to the
community. From Spring 2018 to Fall 2020, the group
will conduct oral histories, highlight the Augsburg Central
Health Commons, and host a social event to celebrate the
program’s success.

Relational Skills for Bridging Divides

Lead: Joaquin Munoz, Katie Clark,
and Elaine Eschenbacher
Due to recent political divisions, this group would like Civic
Studies Fellows to host a two-day workshop that establishes and
deepens connections across this divide. The workshop will serve
as an opportunity to improve civic skills including interviewing,
engaging in effective dialogue, and consumption of information.
This project runs from Spring 2018 to Fall 2019.

Ordet Blev Kjød/The Word Became
Flesh: A Podcast about the People, Places,
Events and Beliefs That Have Shaped
Augsburg from 1869 to 2019

Lead: Philip A. Quanbeck
This 10-episode podcast will consist of 30-minute stories
of Augsburg’s origins, growth, and connections to the
university’s mission statement. Based on a list of proposed
topics to explore, this podcast will be produced between May
2018 and Spring 2019.

Archival Augsburg Augmented:
An App for Exploring Augsburg’s
Campus Now and in History

Lead: Erik Steinmetz
This group will create an app that allows users to learn about
Augsburg’s history and location. The app will include Augsburg’s
archives of old buildings and new buildings, to be viewed
through augmented reality or virtual reality. Research began
Summer 2018 and the app will be finalized and tested during
Summer 2019.

McNair Scholars Success
Stories Video

Lead: “Tina” Maria Cristina Tavera, Director TRIO McNair Scholars
This program created a video to capture the success stories of
Augsburg’s McNair Scholar alumni. Video release will be in October 2019.

Original Music Theater Piece

Lead: Sonja Thompson
This group is working to create a new musical theater piece
that tells the story of Augsburg’s values and history. There are
five stages to this project, which will run from Spring 2018 to
Fall 2019.

Augsburg and the West Bank:
Exploring 150 Years Together

Lead: Mary Laurel True
To highlight Augsburg’s engagement with the surrounding
neighborhoods, this group will organize a one-day conference
including stories from alumni, faculty, students, and community
members. Project planning began in May 2018 and the
conference will occur in Spring or Fall 2019.

Augsburg’s Stumbling Blocks

Lead: Hli Vang
This group will plan and host a pop-up installation called
“Augsburg Stumbling Blocks,” through which students can learn
about challenging moments in the university’s past and present.
Information will be collected from Fall 2018 through Fall 2019
and the results will be shared in Spring 2020.